The Firelance is a unique Alien Blaster.


In addition to its 100% critical chance and high damage, the Firelance sets its target on fire upon strike causing 2 points of damage every 5 seconds. Both the Pyromaniac and Xenotech Expert perks affect this weapon and it uses the rare Alien Power Cells as ammunition.


The Firelance can only be obtained in a special encounter, the location of which is random. See Fallout 3 special encounter locations (type A) for locations where this event may take place. The "Firelance Event"only occurs once per player character.


  • The Firelance can get stuck on buildings, like a water tower in the wasteland.
  • If the Firelance Event took place and you are having trouble finding the weapon, if you have Dogmeat as a companion you can have Dogmeat search the area for the Firelance.
  • If the Firelance Event took place near hostile NPCs, they may utilize the Firelance.


The Firelance appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes編輯

  • The Firelance is a reference to an identically named Martian weapon appearing in the Wasteland paragraph book, in the red herring Mars plot.
  • Both the Firelance and the Alien Blaster resemble Commander Adams' pistol from the 1958 movie the Forbidden Planet, both in design and firing. The "bullets" disperse in a very similar way when they hit solid objects, such as walls.


  • It is possible that the spacecraft can glitch and leave 24 Power Cells and a Firelance stuck in the sky in addition to the regular 24 Power Cells and a Firelance on the ground (Confirmed Xbox 360).
  • If the event occurs while passing trough a rocky part of the Wasteland, the Firelance may drop onto rocks and not be retrievable by Dogmeat, as he often gets stuck in them (the same with ammo).
  • It is possible to get two, as sometimes raiders have been seen with one. (Confirmed Xbox 360)

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