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Smith Casey's Garage

Smith Casey's Garage is an automotive service garage infested with Mole Rats in Fallout 3. It also houses the entrance to Vault 112 (accessible through the floor gate in the garage's main work-area). Because Vault 112 plays an important role in the main quest, exploring the Vault before completing Scientific Pursuits is not recommended. See the abundance of notes in the Vault 112 article.

Smith Casey's Garage is seven squares west of Megaton. An unnamed location marker is added to the Pip-Boy 3000 map during the quest Scientific Pursuits. The Garage can be located before this. But again, entering Vault 112 prematurely is not recommended.

There is a mattress with remains of presumably Smith Casey behind the front counter that can be used for sleeping.

File:Smith Casey's Garage checkpoint.png

There is a military checkpoint on the road north from Smith Casey's Garage guarded by a single robot. There is a usable bedroll in the tent as well as several ammo boxes and a Laser Rifle. A squad of two Brotherhood Outcasts and one Outcast Robot tend to appear in this area, where they usually get into a firefight with the military robot guarding the checkpoint. Both the military robot and the Outcasts respawn over time.

Notable Loot编辑


  • Due west of Smith Casey's Garage is Rockopolis, which can otherwise be hard to find.

Signal Papa November编辑

To the North-North East is the Broadcast Tower for Signal Papa November. Just go past the Checkpoint and follow the road making it really easy to find.


  • It has been reported that if you go to Smith Casey's Garage immediately after exiting from Vault 101, you will find your dad. Indeed, once again the player should read the many notes on the Vault 112 page about story and quest continuity.
  • It is common to encounter a group of raiders at this location. As they tend to be armed with frag grenades (and a flamer), they can be very dangerous as they have a tendency to blow up the vehicles surrounding the garage.
  • This place does not seem to reset (PS3. Confirmed on PC as well.) so it can work as both a rudimentary home or a loot stash. Good place to set up for a while if you are preparing an assault on evergreen mills. But due to its hostile surroundings one should hole up there with caution. It also doesn't have any nearby traders and has crash issues for some players.
  • By the military encampment two deathclaws may attack the lone wanderer


Smith Casey's Garage only appears in Fallout 3.