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Super-Duper Mart
Super Duper Mart loc

Super-Duper Mart is a grocery store located near the Potomac that serves as a base for a group of Raiders. It lies south-east of Megaton.


Prior to the Great War of 2077, this store belonged to a chain of stores. Each store is managed by a manager who is ably aided by assistant managers. These assistant managers supervise squads of cashiers, stockboys, janitors, pharmacists, and security personnel. In an effort at ensuring the highest quality of customer service, the company hired secret shoppers who shopped the various stores and reported their experiences to the head office. Just before the war, some of the stores, including this one, had replaced their security personnel with version 6.04 Protectrons.

Super-Duper Marts were mass merchandise retailers. They offered a wide range of products. These products could include groceries, electronics, gardening supplies, home decor, and pharmaceuticals. On a regular frequency, these stores offered special deals on products. For example, buy one Salisbury Steak and get the second one free. For greater savings, customers could join the Super-Duper Discount Club by requesting details from a manager and completing an application. The benefits of the club included a 10% discount on products.



The exterior of the Super-Duper Mart is a parking lot. Two Nuka-Cola Vending Machines can be found here, along with a group of raiders which is occasionally engaged in combat with another random group of hostiles.

Super-Duper Mart编辑

The interior of the store is made up of super market style shelves, which have makeshift bridges over them. As well as the aisles, there are a few small rooms around the edge, and a ladies and gents toilets. Raiders patrol the ground level and the "walkways" above.

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  • This is a Random Encounter location.
  • Once the player has cleared the building of raiders (and the ones who come in after the initial slaughter), no enemies will respawn within the interior. Also, stored items do not disappear from containers.
  • In the Bethesda demo videos of Fallout 3, a character called "Dead Mercenary" appeared outside the store. This character does not appear in the main game, even as a random encounter. The Dead Mercenary was equipped with Combat Armor, a Bandana, Biker Goggles and a Chinese Assault Rifle. The character bears a close resemblance to Sydney.


The Super-Duper Mart only appears in Fallout 3.


  • Shooting any of the check-out counters between the exits will cause them to bleed and produce a blood splat. (Confirmed on PC, 360 & PS3)
  • When using V.A.T.S in the Super-Duper Mart, you may find that your shots are fired in quick succession, do no damage, and the game will get stuck in V.A.T.S mode, even when the target is dead.