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建筑: La Maison Beauregard
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries
辐射王 (清道夫)
ref id: 000331e0 (PA/GM entr.)
00033380 (townhome)
000331e2 (G/TMM entr.)
000331e3 (Foggy BS e.)
00033386 (tepid sewers)

Georgetown is a Washington, D.C. neighborhood located in the northern part of the city.


Georgetown must be entered through the Metro system, but it is well connected. Easiest may be to enter it via the Tepid Sewer. (Which is also the most probable way a player comes to Georgetown, since hunting Molerats is located there.)

Points of Interest编辑

Radiation King编辑

In the northwestern area is a Radiation King store, with a Scavenger.

Cornucopia Fresh Groceries编辑

Next to the Radiation King is the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries, and next to that a Pulowski Preservation Shelter with a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

McClellan Family Townhome编辑

Just about in the middle between Georgetown North and South you will find the McClellan Family Townhome. Inside, there is a rather moody Mr. Handy robot you can play around with using a nearby unprotected terminal. Modes of operation include reading the children a somewhat interesting bedtime poem (There Will Come Soft Rains, a post-apocalyptic poem from 1920, which is a reference to Ray Bradbury's short story of the same name), walking the dog, grocery shopping and home security. Using these modes you can enlist the robot's help in fighting the many super mutants in the area.

Sniper post编辑

In a broken building in the center, quite close to and opposite to a balcony with a Super Mutant Master with a Missile Launcher, is a Raider corpse with a Sniper Rifle and ammunition for it. The house is defended by several traps (mines, bear trap and a pitching machine). If playing with Broken Steel installed, you may encounter a Super Mutant Overlord instead of a Super Mutant Master.

La Maison Beauregard编辑

In the southern area resides La Maison Beauregard. There is a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes skill book inside. It is on the floor, behind a counter, in the first room on your left as you enter the building. There's also a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum on a shelf upstairs. There are also 3 Missiles, 1 Mini Nuke, two stimpacks, and a Stealth Boy on the pool table upstairs. Crawling with Super Mutants. You also have to go here for the unmarked quest Fatal Attraction.

Notable Loot编辑


  • The whole area has an abundance of car wrecks. When ambushed by Super mutants who carry Missile Launchers this can lead to serious injuries to the unaware explorer, as a single burning car will result in a chain reaction of explosions that will set whole streets on fire.
  • When you enter from the Tepid Sewers, and with a high enough karma, Talon Company Mercs will come after you, or Regulators if low; you WILL find them there to greet you (confirmed on Xbox 360). Also note that Super Mutants will most likely get in the fight making it easier on you to just back down the stairs and snipe. The Super Mutants may rush you while in the entry to the station. It can become a deathtrap quite easily but the chance is high that they will kill two of the three Talon Company Mercs.
  • Alternatively, you can use a StealthBoy and quickly circle around the Metro Tunnel stairs to the Radation King store. This will usually put Talon Copany or the Regulators (depending on your karma) very close to the Super Mutants in the adjacent building as one of the group will follow you regardless. This will almost always set them up to fight eachother, leaving whatever group is left in a weakened state.


Fighting some Super Mutant Masters in Georgetown North