Despite the existence of various mutations (most notably, ghouls, super mutants, and trogs), normal humans or normals are still the most common sapient creatures on the planet. In the aftermath of the Great War humanity was changed forever, and both the plots of Fallout and Fallout 2 make note of the changed nature of the humans living in the wastes. Perhaps the only true humans left are those that are still locked inside of some unknown Vault. Most people in the Fallout world can still be considered human, even though many of them have minor mutations, like additional toes, greenish skin, dwarfism or complete lack of hair. Still, they are nowhere near ghouls or super mutants. Varying degrees of cybernetics are also prevalent in the world of Fallout, though these are mostly present as perks and rarely is there any visible indication that cybernetics are present.

已知亚种 编辑

亚种可以是任何种族的人类,有别与普通人类,但又没有像变种人或僵尸那样特别. Known human sub-species created due to mutation/evolution over generations include: slags, trogs, and beastlords. It can also be argued that cyborgs exist as a sub-species, though rarely in vast numbers. Cybernetics are visible in game as items, images, and perks/feats that can be earned through actions instead of level ups.

Game-specific information 编辑


In the SPECIAL character system, humans have 40 Character Points to divide between their Primary Statistics. Note that, in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, you can only play a human character. Fallout Tactics allowed the player to control other races (see Fallout Tactics races), even though you could only start as a human.

Fallout 3编辑

Human NPC-s suffer extra damage from headshots both in the VATS system, and in free fire mode. Prioritize your targets according to the weapons they carry. Any grenades the NPC-s carry can be detonated with a well placed shot.

Shooting the enemy's weapons is a very effective way of disarming humanoids, as the weapons they carry are often of inferior quality requiring only a few shots, and their hand to hand damage is negligible.