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Big Town is a medium sized settlement of 9 inept Wastelanders, located far north of Vault 101, near the river bend, and southeast of the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema.


The population of Big Town comprises former residents of Little Lamplight, who were ushered into the town following either their 16th or 18th birthday (depending on who you talk to in Little Lamplight and Big Town.)

Big Town was glorified by those of high authority in Little Lamplight, and was made out to be a safe, comfortable area. In fact, Big Town is constantly besieged by slavers and super mutants, whilst the demoralized residents can do little to repel the invasions. When the Lone Wanderer arrives in the settlement for the first time, he/she is informed that some residents were kidnapped by Super Mutants and taken to the old police station in Germantown.


Big Town is a small town which apparently used to be a sprawl of suburban housing before the Great War. It has since been transformed into a makeshift fortress, with walls made of cars, debris and rubble. The dilapidated homes are fortified with barbed wire and sandbags. The town is only accessible by using a bridge as the town is surrounded by barricades.






  • If you help the people with science and repair the robot, a scavenger with a Yao Guai may later be in Big Town (Xbox 360 and PC versions).
  • If, in Big Trouble in Big Town, you use the science option to help the residents of Big Town, you end up fixing the Sentry Bot and Protectron in the junkyard for the town. You can attack and even destroy these robots without any of the human residents becoming hostile or attacking you. Not known whether this is a bug or if it was intentional.


Big Town only appears in Fallout 3.


  • The wooden posts on the street south of Big Town are stamped with the code 'TES-04', possibly an Easter egg referring to "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", which was also developed by Bethesda Softworks.
  • "Big Town" is the name of a song by Roy Brown, who contributed the songs Butcher Pete and Mighty Mighty Man to the soundtrack. It is unknown whether or not this was intentional.


  • If you turn Red into a slave then ask a resident about places to trade, they will tell you to go to Red although she is no longer in Big Town.
  • Save, make Red a slave, load, you will see Red in a random place in the Wasteland, make her a slave and you will see Red go to fight three DeathClaw misterously spawned in that moment, this looks like a wierd easter egg. (Tested many times on the european PlayStation 3 version)
  • After you rescue Red and Shorty from Germantown Police HQ, you can talk to Red for a reward. You now have the option to fight some super mutants or help them defend themselves. If your science skill is high enough, you can teach them to repair some robots to help them defend themselves. This option is bugged. Sometimes the residents will walk to the Junkyard where there are no robots to repair. The residents will just stand around complaining about you doing nothing and no option to switch choices. (PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360)
  • Big town is usually under attack by far creatures, even if Big Town is totally closed.

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