Various religions exist in the post-apocalyptic Fallout world.

Religions in the Fallout world编辑

Enduring pre-war religions编辑

All the basic pre-War religions and belief systems are still active after the Great War. The entire spectrum of Christianity still exists, and has scattered into even more splinter groups, such as the Catholicism-derived Saint Monica's Church as seen in Rivet City, and the Abbey of the Road, a Christian monastery somewhere west of the Commonwealth. The Mormon church still exists as well. The Hubologists are even more active than before the war. Followers of Dharma also exist; such as Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs - Aradesh is a prime example.

New post-war religions编辑

Predictably, many new religions also came into being. Just before the War, and soon after it, many doomsday cults were created, one of which eventually became the Children of the Cathedral who were situated near Los Angeles. The Children of the Atom in Megaton have a warped view of nuclear weapons, viewing them as a sort of deliverance, but are a peaceful group. Some of the post-War factions might also be considered "religious" even if they do not worship any specific deity, such as the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Steel.

Tribal religions编辑

There are also as many tribal religions - some worship fragments of forgotten knowledge about the world before the War; some, like Arroyo or Sulik's tribe, worship their ancestors, and many others deify the Nature, or particular plants or animals (like the Vipers or the Hangdogs). Some natives of the Pitt worship Ishmael Ashur, Lord of The Pitt. The residents of Oasis in the Capital Wasteland seem to have developed a religious system around the love of nature. Caesar's Legion, composed of reconditioned tribals, believes in the divinity of Caesar as the son of Mars.

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