Gloria van Graff.jpg
race: Human, African American
gender: Female
affiliation: Van Graffs
role: Merchant
location: Silver Rush
family: Tiaret Van Graff - mother
Jean-Baptiste Cutting - half-brother
Frieda Van Graff - half-sister
quests: Birds of a Feather
Heartache by the Number
Tend to Your Business
I Could Make You Care
karma: Neutral
derived stats: Hit Points: 275
DT: 1
tag skills: Energy Weapons: 77
Guns: 94
Speech: 90
level: 16
actor: Courtenay Taylor
base id: 0010c67d
ref id: 0010d8e7
They're our chief competitor in this region, and many others. That makes them our enemies. While I respect their business acumen, I'm obligated to try to destroy them however I can. That's business, after all.

—Gloria Van Graff, describing her business philosophy as applied to the Gun Runners

Gloria Van Graff is the New Vegas head of the Van Graff family, and manager of the Silver Rush energy weapons store.


The Van Graff family has a long history of weapons dealing in and around the New California Republic. Gloria and her brother Jean-Baptiste Cutting are the local family representatives, with Gloria doing most of the thinking and Jean-Baptiste providing the muscle.

The King called Pacer has a particular relationship with Gloria that, while never mentioned in-depth by Gloria, is reason enough for Pacer to nose around in the business of the Van Graffs. Pacer often harasses Simon during his shift, but an action like that could easily result in an easy and well-disguised political assassination.

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  • Birds of a Feather: Gloria has an opening for a guard to aid Simon in controlling the flow of customers. Getting on her good side with little jobs could allow you to delve deeper into the Van Graff operation.
  • Heartache by the Number: Upon discovering that the Van Graffs are working with Crimson Caravan to force smaller caravans out of business, Cass wants to see Gloria suffer, either through death or political action from NCR.
  • I Could Make You Care: Veronica's quest is initiated by Gloria's greeting "Welcome to the Silver Rush..." and her line "Please let me know if anything catches your eye" which is the response to the player saying, "I'm just browsing."
  • Tend to Your Business: If Hardin is made Elder of the local Brotherhood of Steel chapter, then he'll task you with annihilating the Van Graffs so the Brotherhood can recover their stockpile of energy weapons.



Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Merc charmer outfit Plasma pistol 1x - 8x Drained microfusion cells (75% chance)*
Van Graff Key

* See bugs.


  • If Cass is not a compainion, killing Gloria and returning to Cass will cause her to use dialouge as though she is a compainion and start her personal quest, "Heartache by the Number."


Gloria Van Graff appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Template:Platforms Gloria drops drained microfusion cells in place of drained small energy cells. This bug is present with every plasma pistol user, as the particular leveled list for equipping an non-player character with a plasma pistol and ammunition (WithAmmoPlasmaPistolLoot, to be precise) calls for microfusion cells in place of energy cells.

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