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Geckos are mutated Gekkonidae prized for their sleek and durable hides.[1] Before the Great War, they could be found in warm climates throughout the world, range from 1.6 cm to 60 cm, with the particularity among other lizards to making chirping sounds in social interactions with other. After the Great War, they're mutated, causing them to grow giant and taking a humanoid form, because of their exposure to the mutated F.E.V. of the West Tek Research Facility coming from the air, and some with other toxic conditions.

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They are reptilian in appearance and have a pair of fins behind their head. Their eyes have generally an orange tint, and their body colors differ greatly based on the gecko type. Geckos also all have five fingers, five toes and their keeping their ability to making chirping sounds in social interactions with other. Gruffly breathing, squeaking and cooing can be heard from time to time. Most geckos are peaceful, unthreatening creatures. However, if one gecko is attacked, the rest of the pack in the area will converge on the attacker,[1] charging quickly with their mouths open and attack rapidly with bites and swipes from their clawed hands.

They have no strictly hierarchical social structures, there are no leader and everyone is equal in the pack. They having a principle of extended family with generally an unified pack (only regular geckos and silver geckos have seen to be sometimes adopted by a pack of golden geckos), immature geckos learn from their parents and other pack members until they grow up and teach in turn their offspring. Also, some have seen to have a hunter function for the pack. Like deathclaws, they are oviparous, with the eggs typically covered by the father or the mother before the hatching and not laid into a place. Vagabond in nature, they rarely make prolonged nests and are always on the move.



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FNV LGecko

The regular gecko is a small-medium sized gecko with an indigo skin. Like their cousin silver geckos, they are mostly peaceful but tend to be rather aggressive in group. They are very fast and use their numbers to rush and overwhelm the opponent. They can be found only in the Mojave Wasteland.

Silver / little gecko编辑

游戏文章: Fallout 2
Lil gecko

The silver gecko,[2] also called little gecko, is a small sized gecko with a silver skin. They are the smallest and least offensive geckos. They are not very aggressive[1] and not very resistant to damage. They can be found only in southern Oregon.

Golden gecko编辑

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Golden gecko
FNV GGecko

The golden gecko is a medium sized gecko with a golden skin. They are a more beautiful, but also more deadly kind of gecko than regular gecko and silver gecko. They can be found around irradiated areas which they lick up toxic waste, causing their particular mutation[1] different than any other kind of geckos, and making their attacks to irradiate the opponent. They can be found in southern Oregon and in the Mojave Wasteland.

Fire gecko编辑

游戏文章: Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas
Fire gecko
FNV FGecko

The fire gecko is a medium-large sized gecko with a dark violet skin. They are one of the most deadly kind of gecko with the green gecko and, as indicated by their name, can breathe fire due to the constant exposure to sulfur, held now into their digestive system. Unlike other gecko, they also have large spikes that cover their heads to their lower back. They are immune to fire and their hides are known to be extremely mangy and hard to skin. They can be found in northern California and in the Mojave Wasteland.

Green gecko编辑

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

The green gecko is a large sized gecko with a shiny light green skin. They are the most deadly kind of gecko, and they can spit several slow-moving and far-reaching globs of poisonous saliva similar to centaurs. Despite of their fragile appearance, they have a high resistance to damage. The cause of their mutation is currently unknown. They can be found only in the Zion Canyon.