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In 2002, Chris Avellone started putting out on a semi-regular basis what he called a Fallout Bible. The idea, initially elaborated by community veteran Dan Wood, was to create a document that would serve as a total guide to Fallout: the history of the setting, the elements that compose it, the things that define it and the rules that guide it. It would also serve to tie off loose ends left by the games and to generally do some clearing up of things. It was certainly a good idea, especially as the prospect of someone who wasn't Black Isle making Fallout games grew ever more real. The problem, however, is that it really didn't work out that way.

Instead of being a definitive, unambiguous guide to Fallout, Avellone's FOB became a sort of long question and answer session with fans emailing reams of queries to him and getting answers. Avellone would also usually toss in interesting bits of information about the games. This was alright, really, as it was still an interesting read for the fans and provided all kinds of information about the game world, but the problem was that Avellone would keep contradicting himself, mostly because fans would often correct his shaky logic, and also that the whole project was cut short when Avellone had to leave Black Isle because things there were getting silly. We never really got our complete guide to Fallout. This wiki attempts to remedy that problem somewhat.

This, then, is The Vault, an ambitious project that attempts to be the definitive, community driven guide for all things Fallout.


The Vault was set up by Ausir and DarkUnderlord in 2005, and was originally hosted by Duck and Cover, a Fallout fansite at the address, then Later, it was moved to a different server, but was still hosted by Taluntain, the host of Duck and Cover, at

In 2007, because the original host could no longer take the wiki constantly being targeted for various exploits by spammers as well as other attackers, The Vault moved to Wikia, where it has been hosted ever since, independently from any other Fallout website. Since the release of Fallout 3 in 2008, it has become one of the most popular Wikia gaming wikis.


The main administrators (bureaucrats) are Ausir, Porter21, and Gothemasticator. For the full list of The Vault's administrators, see: The Vault:Administrators.