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關於任务,參見银河新闻电台 (任务)
關於广播电台,參見银河新闻电台 (电台)
银河新闻电台 (地点)
GNR Building Plaza loc

As part of the main story, the player is sent to GNR after finding out that James visited Three Dog.


  • Galaxy News Radio building and GNR Plaza is located in the Chevy Chase district.


The first and easiest way is to make your way to Farragut West Station and go through the utility tunnels. After a brief fight with some Ghouls, the player should find themselves in the Tenleytown/Friendship Station tunnels. Following the tracks to the Tenleytown half (go right), the player will find two Super Mutants fighting Lyons' Pride in an alley.

Fighting through the horde of Super Mutants, follow the Pride until they reach the GNR Plaza.



GNR Plaza is the focus points of a battle between Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel. The area consists of a in the center and a caved-in metro entrance. The entrance to the station itself is fortified with sandbags and several Brotherhood members stand post at the steps and at balconies off to the side. Later is where a Behemoth will spawn.


The main lobby of GNR is heavily fortified with sandbags and other barricades as well as several named Brotherhood of Steel members armed with Flamers and Laser Rifles. To the left and right are doors leading to the balconies outside as well as some bathrooms. There are some First-Aid boxes and ammo crates scattered throughout the lobby.

Upstairs in what appears to be offices and the recording studio, is where Three Dog resides. Another door leads to the back exit, which is only a one-way door.

Notable Loot编辑

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File:GNR Studios.svg


  • If you proceed to find the location of your father by either going to Rivet City and talking to Dr Li or by listening to Project Holotape #10 found in the Jefferson Memorial Rotunda, the Lyons' Pride along with Sarah Lyons will not appear in Chevy Chase. The only Brotherhood of Steel members will be the door guards. The super mutants will spawn, but will fight amongst themselves unless the PC intervenes.

Behind the scenes编辑

Using the PIP-Boy 3000, you can find a picture of the building under notes. This may have been a possible reward in Megaton.


  • If you exit GNR, you cannot re-enter because it will need a key, and the Intercom says the door its open. (confirmed PS3 and Xbox 360)