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Vault 92 was one of the Vaults created by Vault-Tec, and part of the Vault Experiment. The world's best musicians were invited to this vault to "preserve artistic talent" during the War. In reality, the vault was geared specifically for experimenting on the vault's population through the use of noise generators, implanting subliminal messages. It is located North West of the Deathclaw-infested ruins of Old Olney.


The true purpose of Vault 92 was an experimental study in the creation of "super soldiers" by way of subliminal suggestion. By exposing the citizens of the vault to white noise that contained hidden subconscious messages, the Vault Overseer hoped to create soldiers that could be controlled basically through a form of hypnosis. This research was then to be used for a project to create super soldiers who would be completely obedient and fight far more ferociously than normal humans. Though the experiment showed great promise initially, the most promising subject suddenly went insane and tore three people apart before finally being taken down by the security and being shot 23 times. The vault doctor was initially unaware that the overseer intended to use their work to create soldiers. He thought he was researching their musical talents, etc. This is made clear by a series of his recordings you can pick up throughout the vault.

This case of insanity soon appeared in other subjects. One computer terminal contains the diary of one of the inhabitants, Zoe Hammerstein, who went mad because of the white noise. The diary shows her writing (specifically her spelling and grammar) degenerate, until her final entry, where she begs her friends for help in a sentence that is barely comprehensible.

Attempts by the Vault Overseer to contain the situation (such as by programming code words into the subjects' implants in order to stop them) only worked briefly. Professor Malleus, the expert in charge of the white noise experiment, soon lost hope in the project and attempted several times to convince the Overseer, Richard Rubin, to take the situation more seriously and even consider abandoning the vault in light of the violent and savage behavior of the insane residents, not realizing what Rubin had done until it was too late. However it seems that Rubin had Professor Malleus killed, based on evidence from his computer terminal.

About one third of the vault population eventually became violently unstable and began slaughtering the rest of the vault. A note titled "Feedback Loop" explains that the "normal" survivors of Vault 92 made one last push for the escape, possibly explaining why the vault door was left open. The "normal" vault citizens made an attempt to stave off the crazed group, so there are Frag Mines scattered around the vault. Sadly, the skeletons of the presumed young lovers Hilda Egglebrecht and Parker Livingston can be found locked into the Recording Studio, a place where they once enjoyed accompanying each other greatly, according to notes left by Parker.

The presence of the Mirelurks is explained by a computer terminal in the lower, flooded parts of the vault. Apparently, shortly before the "Crazies" incident, there was an issue with one of the walls in that area, which had cracked because of some body of water nearby. The wall was repaired and given some minor reinforcements, but the Chief Engineer of the vault, Carl Maynard, stated in this terminal that the repairs were only temporary and that a serious approach needed to be discussed. However nothing was done because of the mad inhabitants, and the wall there eventually broke, allowing the Mirelurks to gain access to the vault.


This vault's upper levels are populated by an ample supply of Bloatflies, which are easily dispatched. The lower levels, however, are home to much more formidable opponents: Mirelurks. Depending on your level, this could include Mirelurk Hunters and even Mirelurk Kings.

If you activate the terminals in the Living Quarters and select "Noise Flush" it will instantly kill all of the Mirelurks in the area. NOTE: You do not get any experience for doing so. Please also note, this doesn't affect the bloatflies in other areas. The terminals are average, but can be used without hacking, if the entries in the computer terminal in the overseer's office are all read. They tell the password for the terminals.

Vault Characters编辑

Notable Loot编辑

Vault 92 Entrance编辑

  • Laser Pistol: Laying on a desk right at the entrance to the Vault, along with a couple of Energy Cells. One can also be found in the Sound Test room.
  • Two First Aid Kits: Laying on the same desk as the Laser Pistol.
  • Pre-War Book: on a table in the vault entrance area, next to Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-01.
  • A 10mm SMG: In the Atrium, in the supply shop. This room is upstairs, in a room on the balcony, north of the room where you enter the Overseer's Office, behind an Average locked door. The weapon is hidden between a wall and a book case, on the ground, left of the door.
  • Random guns and ammo in a locked safe in the supply shop. The safe is located under the counter where the computer terminal is situated.
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor: Second floor. On the bottom level of a shelf behind the counter of the supply shop (average locked door). There are two ammo boxes on the middle shelf.
  • An average locked safe on the back side of the desk in the above mentioned supply room containing some ammo, chinese pistol, laser pistol and some aid.

Overseer's Office编辑

  • Pre-War Book: On a wooden shelf just inside the overseer's office itself, to the left of the door.
  • Duck and Cover!: On the same set of shelves as the pre-war book.
  • Stealth Boy: On Overseer's desk.
  • Laser Rifle: On the top shelf, left side. The shelf is on the right side of the room when entering

Sound Testing编辑

Living Quarters编辑

  • A random armor in a locker right before the surgery where you can find the DC Journal.
  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine: To the very south of the area, in a room which looks like an operating bay, on a desk next to a computer.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: In a small room, on a desk next to a computer. You will see it through a glass window before you enter the room.
  • Sheet Music Book: In one of the bathroom stalls, in the furthest right toilet in the Male Dorms.
  • There is a "Key Code to Data Storage" next to Jon Adiglio's Body in the Male Dorm closet.

Reactor Room编辑

Two ammo boxes and a tube of wonder glue. be warned mirelurks in the area are level dependent meaning you could find 3-4 mirelurk kings here.

Also while not strictly considered "loot" there is an enginering terminal here with notes from the engineer turns out he had a crush on Agatha's great grandmother, the terminal also outlines other faults in the vault, if one is considering learning about the vault its well worth a read.

Location of The Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-0(1-6)编辑

Raider Farmhouse

Just west of the farmhouse at night.

Nearby Locations of Note编辑

  • Raider Farmhouse: Due west of the entrance to Vault 92. It is guarded by several Raiders and houses a nice stash of chems, a copy of Dean's Electronics on the metal shelf (far right, middle), and a Mini Nuke. A number of chems are also inside the overturned silo nearby, which serves as their bedroom with 3 mattresses.
  • Old Olney: A bit South-East of Vault 92; on the world map they are both in a "Brighter square" than the rest of the world (similar to the D.C area). Old Olney is infested with deathclaws, as are its sewers, which contain the Prototype Medic Power Armor.
  • There is a Major Enclave camp directly south of Vault 92's entrance on a road with a trailer. Consists of 2 officers and around 4-5 soldiers. Also has terminal governing Enclave interaction with the general populace.


Vault 92 appears only in Fallout 3.

Related Quests编辑

Agatha's Song


  • There is a small room in the sound testing area whose door is jammed by a metal shelving unit and is accessible by using the terminal in the Overseer's office to open a secret passageway leading to the room. It contains 5 Metal Containers, 2 Ammunition Boxes, a Locked Safe (Easy), and a Laser Pistol. The terminal in the Overseer's office has the option on the PS3, XBox360 and the PC if everything works right, but it is possible to not have the option, at least on the PC. A workaround for this is to use the "TCL" console command and float through the secret entrance.)
  • It is possible (Xbox) to 'fall' from the Overseer's office into the secret passage and enter this room. The shelving unit prevents access to the sound testing area and it is not possible to get back up into the Overseer's office.
  • There is also a couple of Jet inside a room with a locked door (Average). It is not known how they are found inside, as jet was invented after the Great War. It is possible that other explorers like the player came into the vault and died due to the Mirelurks.
  • It may be possible that Mirelurk Kings were created from Vault 92. Since the Mirelurk infestation happened at the same time the vault citizens became "crazies" it may have created an evolutionary link between humans and Mirelurks. The Mirelurk Kings are capable of a ranged "Sonic" attack. Also if you look through Herbert "Daring" Dashwood's terminal, there is an entry about Mirelurk Kings saying that they appear as if they were from entirely different species.(The journal states that because Mirelurk Kings are descendant of snapping turtles, not people)
  • A Merc Cruiser Outfit and Leather Armor can be found in the rooms in the Overseer's Office section, possibly implying that either a) you're not the first human visitor here, or b) the Overseer planned on fully outfitting the white noise soldiers when they were properly brainwashed.
  • A Vault 92 suit can't be acquired from here, but PC players can spawn one via a console command.
  • It is also possible (XBOX360) that the water in the reactor room of the vault will glitch and be colored a very bright yellowish color. A reload of a game from a earlier point will probably fix this.
  • When you fast travel here and enter the door, you are facing west. After going through the door and after loading, you'll be facing south.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • Richard Rubin is likely a reference to producer Rick Rubin; an intra-vault email from Professor Malleus refers to Richard Rubin as "Rick".
  • Professor Malleus' name may be a reference to the bone in the ear, more commonly referred to as "the hammer".
  • Zoe Hammerstein gets her name from Broadway lyricist and songwriter Oscar Hammerstein II. The GNR song "I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy" is from the Rogers & Hammerstein musical South Pacific.
  • Hilda Egglebrecht may be a reference to the real life violinist Renate Eggebrecht.
  • Gordon Sumner is the real name of the musician Sting.
  • The phrase "Sanity is not statistical", is a reference to George Orwell's book 1984. This phrase is the codeword used to stop the "crazies", and is found on the Overseer's terminal.
  • Arts-oriented Vault 92 is just outside of Old Olney. The art school James Hubert Blake High School is located outside of Olney, Maryland.