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Abandoned Car Fort
Abandoned Car Fort loc

The Abandoned Car Fort is a small fort located immediately North-East of Shalebridge, North-West of the Five Axles Rest Stop and South-East of SatCom Array NW-07c in the Capital Wasteland. There are no human inhabitants alive.


There's nothing on how the car fort was built, but what can be determined from the dead raiders was that they didn't know there was a mirelurk nest below and set up their fort not knowing of the threat that could kill them.


It's as the name says, a car fort, it's on top of a highway. There are some mirelurks and an enclave outpost nearby. In the car fort there are some dead raiders, a bed, some ammo boxes, and other things that the previous inhabitants would have needed.

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  • The Mirelurks may need to be killed for the player to sleep in safety. However they will not attack the player whilst he is in the fort as they are underneath. Killing the Mirelurks may prove difficult, as they're quite a long way down from the fort.
  • There is an Enclave checkpoint just up the highway, to the north-west. An Enclave Hellfire Trooper will usually be among their numbers (Broken Steel only)


  • Sometimes in crossing the bridge, there is a risk that the player might fall through as if the bridge wasn't there. (confirmed Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • On the 360, the Mirelurks below the fort may sometimes fly up to the fort's level, allowing them to attack you (confirmed on PS3 and PC).

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Abandoned Car Fort appears in Fallout 3.