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Alexandria Arms
Alexandria Arms loc

Alexandria Arms is a rather exclusive two-story hotel and conference center that has limited structural damage. It is a medium-sized building with only one interior cell. The building is occupied by Raiders.



Immediately to the southwest of the hotel there is a bombed-out building that serves as a post for two or three additional Raiders. The building is littered with traps. There are Mines covering the area leading to the side entrance and tripwires that set off Rigged Shotguns, Bear Traps, a girder on a chain, and Pitching Machines. There is also an Automated Turret on the top floor. On the third floor are four safes, one locked footlocker, a workbench, a bed, a Raider, and some .308 Caliber Rounds. When you leave and come back, one Raider sniper will usually take residence on the top floor. The lab table is set on top of two safes, one that is locked and one that is open.


The player enters into an imposing grand lobby that includes two non-functioning grand fountains and a dozen pillars reaching skyward to the ceiling. There are also the remains of victims of Raiders hanging from said ceiling and found elsewhere in the hotel. Upstairs there is another large lobby/meeting room and a set of six well-furnished suites.

Upstairs directly in front of the entrance and then through the double doors is a large room. To the left is a terminal which opens a  locked door. Inside is some minor loot and a Nuka-Cola Quantum. There is also a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine in the large room just to the right of the door. On the table in front of the locked door there is a copy of Guns and Bullets. Down the stairs and through the double doors beside the pool table, there is a copy of Duck and Cover! in the bookcase to the right. The southwest guest room (the one nearest the middle of the building) also has a safe hidden behind a bookcase.

Notable loot编辑

  • Duck and Cover! - on ground floor, southern-most part of the building on a bookshelf next to a fire hose box.
  • Guns and Bullets - on a counter on the second floor, next to a terminal (Average) that opens an adjacent locked door (Average).
  • Pre-War Book - same counter as the Guns and Bullets.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - behind the locked door, next to the terminal above in the large room with the copy of Guns and Bullets.


Alexandria Arms appears only in Fallout 3.