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關於多款游戏中出现的外星冲击枪综述,參見alien blaster
Alien Blaster (Fallout 3)






  • Firelance - 更难获得,但是比外星冲击枪稍弱。它会让敌人身上着火,且火焰的伤害受到纵火狂特技的影响。


  • 外星人坠机点,有一个死掉的外星人在他坠毁的太空船附近,他的身边有一支外星冲击枪。外星人坠机点位于MDPL-13发电站的正北,帕斯彻绿色处理点.的西北。在坠机点附近只能找到127个外星能源电池。少量的电池可能会被地表挡住从而难以发现。
  • In the Broken Steel add-on, another one can be found at Adams Air Force Base. It is held in the armory inside a locked box (Hard lockpick) in the giant Mobile Base Crawler. There are also alien power cells in the numerous ammunition boxes in the room. There are 4 ammunition boxes that contain 9 power cells each (20-47 if you have the Scrounger perk), and the Armory Master also has some on his corpse. There is a fairly good chance the Armory Master, a Security Officer or a member of the Enclave Squad Sigma will pick up the Alien Blaster before you can make your way to the armory where it is held.



  • 旅行商队的商人可以修理外星冲击枪。
  • 火焰之矛牺牲掉,用于修理外星冲击枪。
  • 把外星冲击枪交给保护者Casdin,然后再从他身上扒窃回来。这将会使外星冲击枪的耐久恢复到100%。
    • 注意:杀死他将有可能不会在他的尸体上找到你的外星冲击枪。
  • 亚当斯空军基地找到的外星冲击枪可用于修理另一把外星冲击枪。(仅在安装了断钢的情况下可用)
  • Haley's Hardware程序冲突可以用来将外星冲击枪的耐久恢复到100%。(仅在安装了眺望角的情况下可用)
  • 使用外星环氧树脂。(仅在安装了母舰泽塔的情况下可用)
  • Somah可以将它修理至100%。(仅在安装了母舰泽塔的情况下可用)


  • Use Dogmeat to recover the blaster from the alien crash site if you don't want to be abducted but still need to have it (Mothership Zeta only).
  • It's also worth noting that this weapon, though very powerful, will quickly degrade and be rendered useless, so stick to V.A.T.S. or carefully-aimed head shots.
  • The weapon will break after 125 discharges, but will not jam until approximately 120 discharges; giving it only one chance to jam.
  • This weapon also has the effect of disintegrating any enemy killed with a critical shot by it (which is every shot for creatures weaker than most Super Mutants), identical to a laser (with the exception that the disintegration effect is colored blue instead of red).
  • If you have a follower with you when you find the weapon, they may pick it up.
  • This weapon is absolutely devastating in the hands of Star Paladin Cross (who is an expert in the use of energy weapons) and does not lose durability unless hit directly.
  • The alien blaster deals electrical damage. The only other weapons that do electrical damage are the Firelance, The Shocker, Jingwei's shocksword (available with the Operation: Anchorage add-on) the Tesla cannon (available with the Broken Steel add-on) the shock baton and the captain's sidearm (available with the Mothership Zeta add-on)
  • The neon glow turns off when the player enters sneak mode.
  • On Mothership Zeta none of the aliens make use of this weapon besides the Captain (which is a unique version) which implies that it is not a standard issue weapon.
  • Sometimes, members of the Talon Company may pick up the alien blaster if you happen to meet them near the crash site.
  • The Alien Blaster can be obtained after completing the Mothership Zeta add-on as you are beamed back to Earth, you need to walk towards the MDPL-13 Power Station and then walk back in order to do this.


Fallout 3 Unique Weapons - Alien Blaster (not unique anymore)

Fallout 3 Unique Weapons - Alien Blaster (not unique anymore)

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