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AntAgonizer's Lair

The AntAgonizer's Lair is the hideout of the AntAgonizer in Fallout 3.


This location is very close to Canterbury Commons, just to the northwest. There's even a trail to follow, and a marker on your map if you have The Superhuman Gambit quest.


When you arrive near the exterior, there are two ways to proceed. The first is through the rather obvious door, which will land you in Canterbury Tunnels, and not AntAgonizer Lair, in the last room there is a switch to open up to a stairway leading to some caverns. The caverns are mostly empty, but contain a few ants to fight and a decent number of frag mines to loot (or get blown up by, as the case may be). Follow the caverns through to the end, and you'll arrive at the front of the AntAgonizer's lair.

Alternately, on the top of the hill that the door is embedded in, there's a grate which will drop you right into the back of the AntAgonizer's lair. However, the grate is locked and you will need a lock picking skill of 50 to be able to pick the lock. A key exists, the AntAgonizer Lair Key.

Canterbury Tunnels编辑

If you decide to travel through the tunnels rather than lockpicking your way directly into the AntAgonizer's Lair, you'll come across a relatively empty set of tunnels filled with mines and the occasional trap.

AntAgonizer's Lair编辑

  • The AntAgonizer can be found here sitting on her throne. If you walk up to her, she will confront you. See The Superhuman Gambit.
  • Among the jagged rocks on the hill above the door to the Canterbury Tunnels, there is a triangular section of indented land between the trail and one of the boulders. The area is noticeable as having a discreetly blurrier texture than the rest of the pathway. Avoid falling into this indentation, as its geometry will effectively render the player unable to walk or jump, forcing a reload. As such, it is advisable to save before approaching the AntAgonizer's lair. (Found on Xbox 360)
  • There is a certain point on top of a rock which some how considers the player to be under irradiated water

Notable loot编辑

Within Canterbury tunnels you can find:

  • A Stealth Boy in Canterbury Tunnels about halfway down in a dead end area. There are mines in the area, and it's on a shelf with metal boxes, immediately before the orange cones.

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