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Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery is most of what remains of the Arlington district, including Arlington National Cemetery. To the south is Mama Dolce's food industry. Before the bombs, many of the country's war heroes were buried beneath this soil. Now, it is an empty spot on the map, mostly devoid of life.


Mama Dolce's编辑

主页面: Mama Dolce's

This food factory is located at the southern metro exit. Inside are Chinese Remnants and various skill books, as well as other loot. They are also broadcasting propoganda via the People's Republic of America radio.

Arlington House编辑

主页面: Arlington House

In the basement of the Arlington House lies a "shrine" to President Lincoln. There are three Wine bottles; a knife, and the Bobblehead - Luck on the shelf opposite the door. Arlington House can be used as Fallout 3 player housing. There is also a Big Book of Science on the table in the kitchen, and Junders Plunkett, whose finger you can aquire for the Regulators' Lawbringer perk. This will net you a reward of 1000 caps. In the upstairs master bedroom there is also a safe partially hidden behind the dresser, it contains rather useful loot.

Other points of interest编辑

  • If you exit the Arlington House and head East towards the central structure with four benches surrounding it, there is a tombstone that has blooming flowers in front of it, and two more to the north of that one, and a third farther east from the structure. A very rare sight in the Capital Wasteland.
  • If you exit Mama Dolce's Food Distribution and look North there is a truck and a container with some barrels in it. In the container there is a Wastelander with no loot and a stat book, Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.
  • There is a Pulowski Preservation Shelter near the Flooded Metro. Inside is a female statue, a Wine bottle, some Shot Glasses, and Sexy Sleepwear.
  • Oddly enough, if you seal yourself in the shelter with the statue, crouch and fire a MIRV at the statues right leg (the broken one), you will be deafened and blinded by the massive explosion and your followers outside may die, but you will survive repeated shots with no harmful effects besides the radiation. (PC)
  • There is a single flower growing over a grave. The color is striking within this nuclear wasteland.
  • In the Arlington Cemetery South metro station, just as you enter the main chamber, there is a dumpster to the right of the entrance. Inside the dumpster is a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes skill book.


Arlington Cemetery appears only in Fallout 3.