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{{Infobox weapon
|games          =FO1, FO2
|image          =Fo1 assault rifle.png
|damage         =8 - 16
|damage type    =Normal
|attmode1       =Single Shot
|attmode1 ap    =5
|attmode1 range =45
|attmode2       =Burst Shot
|attmode2 ap    =6
|attmode2 range =38
|ammo type      =5mm round (Fallout)
|ammo capacity  =24
|burst rounds   =8
|strength req   =5
|hands req      =2
|weight         =7 pounds
|value          =1300
|proto          =00000023
An AK-112 5mm Assault Rifle. An old military model, out of use around the time of the war. Can fire single-shot or burst, using the high velocity 5mm rounds.

—Fallout 2 in-game description

The AK-112 assault rifle is a small gun in Fallout and Fallout 2.


The AK-112 is a decent weapon, with mid-ranged bursts of hollow-point rounds being able to slice through even combat armor. The AP rounds aren't effective against anything above metal armor, though. With a range comparable to the Colt Rangemaster, and a very common ammunition type (except in the beginning of Fallout 2), the AK is an excellent compliment to the CZ53 personal minigun and the Avenger minigun.

* In Fallout 2, the AK-112 can be upgraded with an extended magazine, increasing the magazine capacity to 100 rounds.

* Sold by Jake in The Hub's Old Town.
* You can find the AK-112 in Boneyard. It's in the second house on the right side, in the Adytum district of Boneyard.
* In Necropolis, one AK-112 rifle could be found in the building housing the passage to Vault 12 (and Harry) - the rifle is in the bookshelf.
* Morpheus carries one.
* Zack sells them along, with ammunition.
* Each of the Brotherhood of Steel knights in the training room on the first level of the Brotherhood of Steel bunker have one that can be pickpocketed. They also do not become hostile if caught in the act.
* One can be found on a corpse on the first level of the Glow.
* Hub Police stationed at the Hub entrance and Old Town carry these, along with 150 rounds of 5mm AP and JHP rounds of ammunition (only police wearing combat armor carry ammunition).

===Fallout 2===
* You are awarded with this weapon if you help establish a truce between the Slags and the farmers of Modoc.
* In the NCR, Officer Jack dies, and you can find an assault rifle on his corpse.
* Caminetto in Redding's Malamute Saloon has one.
* Six can be found in Sierra Army Depot. One in the barracks, two in the high-security armory and three in the command center, security checkpoint.
* Some guards in Vault City will carry them.

The AK-112 assault rifle appears only in Fallout and Fallout 2.

==Behind the scenes==
The weapon was originally named "Colt Rifle" in the beta version of Fallout.



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