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Augustus Autumn

Colonel Augustus Autumn ( 2222/2277) is the commanding officer of the Enclave Armed Forces in the Capital Wasteland by 2277.


Early Life编辑

Augustus Autumn's father was a high-ranking Enclave scientist. When, after the destruction of the Enclave Oil Rig he received orders from the new President, John Henry Eden, telling him and all surviving Enclave troops to relocate to the Raven Rock military base on the opposite end of the country, he obeyed the order. Augustus' father gathered his troops and their equipment, and led his men through the post-nuclear United States. Upon the Enclave's arrival in the Capital Wasteland, he was the only one privy to the fact that John Henry Eden is actually a ZAX unit that has achieved self awareness. Prior to his death, he passed that knowledge on to his son, who would become the leader of the Enclave's military[1].

Enclave Commander编辑

Autumn followed Eden's orders as a good soldier, although the Colonel indeed had his occasional disagreements. Autumn overtook Project Purity and seemingly died when James flooded the project's chamber with deadly radiation. However, he managed to survive by injecting himself with a mysterious agent — likely the Enclave's more powerful equivalent of Rad-X or Rad Away.

Colonel Autumn shows no regret over actions such as shooting unarmed captives, as long as it serves the Enclave's ends. He is a firm believer in the revival of the United States as a country, and will do almost whatever he has to in order to fulfill this.


The tension between President Eden and the colonel finally snapped Autumn's loyalty, as he disobeyed the President's orders and usurped command over the human contingent of the Enclave forces and relocated them to the Jefferson Memorial, to make their last stand.

As opposed to Eden's delusional visions, his main objective seems to be increasing Enclave's power, as he intends to use the purified water as a means to make the people "flock to the Enclave" rather than killing them. Also, he is not completely heartless, as he is able to be reasoned with during the final encounter, and will simply walk away.

Interactions with the player character编辑

Colonel Autumn is first encountered by the player during The Waters of Life, locked in the Project Purity control room with James and Janice Kaplinski. He declares the Enclave's confiscation of the project, and, in a show of seriousness, kills Janice in order to force James' cooperation. James, instead of shutting down the project, floods the area with radiation, in an attempt to kill Autumn and his men. Autumn appears to succumb to the radiation, along with the player's father, and die. It is here that he seemingly injects himself with the Advanced Rad Away.


Col. Autumn injecting himself with the mysterious plot device, while James falls to the lethal radiation.

Autumn is seen again, though, at the end of Finding the Garden of Eden and the beginning of The American Dream. He kneels over the player before they black out, having been knocked to the floor by an Enclave trap. At Raven Rock, Autumn interrogates the player, demanding the code for the Purifier. The player can give up the code, in which case the Colonel will execute him/her, tell him the wrong code, or simply insult him. In the case of the latter two, Autumn will be interrupted by Eden, who will release the player. Colonel Autumn later comes on the Raven Rock broadcast system, informing all Enclave troops that the player is a hostile target, and to disregard the president's orders.

Autumn is finally confronted by the player at the end of Take it Back!, just outside the Purifier control room. He is accompanied by his two personal bodyguards, a pair of high-level Enclave soldiers equipped with Tesla Power Armor, one being with a gatling laser, and the other with a minigun. Here, you can choose to kill him and his bodyguards, or talk him out of what he's doing, in which case he'll walk away.

Colonel Autumn does not make an appearance in the Broken Steel add-on expansion to the main quest, even if the player spares his life during the final confrontation at Project Purity.


* Only during Take it Back!


Augustus Autumn only appears in Fallout 3.


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