Auto Axe
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The Auto Axe is a melee weapon that is featured in The Pitt add-on.


The Auto Axe appears to be a modified industrial tool, strongly resembling a concrete saw or chainsaw. The original blade seems to have been removed and replaced with a blade of a different kind.


The Axe inflicts large amounts of damage with its sharp rotating blades. It functions just like the Ripper, not like an actual axe. It can also be repaired using Rippers. The damage that is done by this weapon can be increased with the Auto Axpert perk which is available with The Pitt, after collecting 10 Steel Ingots from the Steelyard.


The Auto Axe comes in four different strength levels, ordered from weakest to strongest they are:

  1. Steel Saw
  2. Auto Axe
  3. Man Opener*
  4. The Mauler
  • *The Man Opener actually does the same amount of raw damage as the regular Auto Axe, but ignores armor. Because of this, the Man Opener has the potential to be more damaging than The Mauler.

Notes 编辑

  • This weapon does devastating damage, if having any of damage enhancing perks from Point Lookout DLC (Ghoul Ecology or Superior Defender). This is, because +5 damage bonus from these perks is added per every "tick" of Auto Axe. With those perks, enemies can be sliced in fraction of time it took before.

Bugs 编辑

  • Sometimes this weapon will disappear from first person perspective, but still function perfectly. If you then bring up the Pip Boy while the weapon is equipped, the Pip Boy will have disappeared from your arm also. This bug can be temporarily remedied by switching weapons or re-equipping the Auto Axe. You can also fix it by saving and loading the game. (confirmed on PC, PS3)
  • Xbox 360: Sometimes, out of VATS, the weapon may buckle, and instead of functioning with repeated damage (like the Ripper), it may function like a normal melee weapon and repeatedly hit only once, before pulling back and hitting again. This is easily fixable by simply stopping.
  • When in 3rd person, parts of the weapon or the entire weapon may disappear or be replaced by a different weapon model (example: a grenade). This can be reproduced by first equipping the weapon and then changing armor.
  • Jumping and attacking with the Auto Axe may cut out the 'spinning blades' sound effect.



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