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Automated Turret
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Automated Turrets are automatic, unmanned machine guns which are capable of sensing and attacking targets that are hostile to the faction or organization to which they belong.

They are employed by both military organizations like the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel, and civilian operations such as the Museum of History, though in the latter case their former operators have been long since gone. In one case, a Raider group near the Arlington Library has reprogrammed turrets to protect a camp and a drug lab.


Automated turrets can rest on the floor or hang from the ceiling. The ceiling turrets use bullet-based weaponry whereas the ground turrets are equipped with lasers. Both variants have unlimited ammo. For conversation and reference purposes, odd-numbered turrets ( Mark I, Mark III, etc.) are 5.56, ceiling turrets while even numbered turrets (Mark II, etc.) are ground-mounted, laser turrets.

The Turrets aboard Mothership Zeta are simply known as "Turrets"

The following models exist:

Name Mount Weapon DPS Notes
Mark I Turret ceiling 5.56mm gun 15
Mark II Turret ground Laser 12
Mark III Turret ceiling 5.56mm gun 21
Mark IV Turret ground Laser 18
Mark V Turret ceiling 5.56mm gun 30
Mark VI Turret ground Laser 25
Mark VII Turret ceiling 5.56mm gun 45 Broken Steel add-on
Mark VIII Turret ground Laser 45 Broken Steel add-on

There are a few, stat-wise identical versions of each model in the game (with different Base IDs) for different factions.


  • Turrets are generally controlled from a nearby terminal. Using your Science skill to hack the terminal will allow you to override the targeting parameters - which will make the turret target any character (not just the player) or shut it down completely. After being turned off the turret can be turned back on at the same terminal if so desired.
  • Shooting at the targeting module carries a high chance of the turret becoming frenzied, and attacking everyone.
  • The ceiling-based turrets have a blind spot directly below them, making it a key location for attack.
  • The Enclave Officer at Camp RHO carries a special keycard named Experimental Rho ID. Once you have it the turrets in the camp are no longer hostile.
  • With the Robotics Expert perk, it is possible to sneak up on turrets and disable them. You need not necessarily be [HIDDEN], simply being momentarily out of sight is enough to deactivate them.


Automated turrets can be found in many locations in Fallout 3 and its add-ons. Mark VII and Mark VIII turrets only appear with the Broken Steel add-on.

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