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Boutique Le Chic

Boutique Le Chic 是一家在 Tenpenny Tower 里开的店. 店的业主是 Lydia Montenegro.


这家店会卖各种各样的商品. 从子弹到杂货,都能在这里早到.

你要是住在 Tenpenny Tower 的话,这家店就会卖给你公寓里放的装饰. 这里也会 Dart Gun Schematics. 店后面靠着墙有一个锁好的保险箱 (难). 保险箱右边有一台 Terminal. 你可以用这台 terminal 来开保险箱. 里面会有 300 caps 和一些其它东西.


  • If the ghouls take over Tenpenny Tower, Michael Masters will run the Boutique Le Chic, as well as sell weapons and ammo. He also sells the Dart Gun Schematics, which means you can get them twice from this store.
  • There is a large amount of food in the top left corner of her shop which is perfect for looting should a Ghoul invasion occur during the quest Tenpenny Tower.
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