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Broadcast Tower KT8

The Broadcast Tower KT8 is located north/northeast of Vault 87, south of Shalebridge in the mountains.


There's only a radio antenna and its generator (the latter's switch can be flipped to emit Radio Signal Sierra Romeo). Quite a few bent metal girders on the site suggest a typical mutant outpost.

A couple of super mutants and possibly a centaur can be found wandering the area. If the player visits this area after escaping the Jefferson Memorial through to the Citadel there may be a small scene with 2 Vertibirds: one will be shot down by a missile and the other escapes. The culprit, a Super Mutant with a Missile Launcher, can be seen near the broadcast relay. Not surprisingly, he will shoot you on sight.

Once the Broken Steel DLC is downloaded a Super Mutant Overlord may appear.

Drainage Chamber 编辑

Just slightly to the north, below the cliffs the broadcast tower is built upon in the alleyway that faces east and cuts between the rocks you will find "Sewer Entrance to Drainage Chamber". Inside you will find collapsed sewage tunnels and a door. In this room should be random custom-weapon items, and two computer terminals. One is broken, the other requires a encryption key. Grab the encryption key off of the desk and then go to the working computer. Select the only option avalible to open the secure hatch in the floor, unveiling the source of Radio Signal Sierra Romeo.

In the chamber below the door, you'll find a ham radio along with the remains of two Chinese Remnant Spies. They both have seemed to die of natural causes (unlike other towers where you'll often find clear signs of raider violence), it is a possibility that they starved to death or died of radiation poisoning. Because of the fact that their flesh is rotted, it is possible that they have undergone ghoulification.

Notable loot 编辑