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Broadcast Tower LP8

Broadcast Tower LP8 is located northeast of Montgomery County Reservoir, south of Oasis.

There's a radio antenna and its generator (the latter's switch can be flipped to emit Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot) enclosed by a metal fence. Random critters wander around.

To the northeast of the tower at the base of the cliffs is the entrance to the sealed cistern from which the signal is being broadcast. Inside the sewer chamber, there is a Big Book of Science and a safe (easy) which will contain caps, and (depending on your level) may also contain 1-2 pistols and corresponding ammo, a chem, pre-war money and stealth boy. This room also contains random low-value items, including a Motorcycle Gas Tank, Motorcycle Handbrake, Darts (x2), Med-X (x2), Rad-X, Fission Batteries (x2), Purified Water (x2), and Salisbury Steak (x8).

This is a Random Encounter location. The exact spot is on the N-NW corner of the gate that surrounds the broadcast tower, and will be triggered within a radius of approximately 20 - 25 running strides.