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After all, they say, everyone knows how to make another human, but the secrets to making a P94 plasma rifle are all but lost.

Elder Lyons on the Brotherhood Outcasts

The Outcasts, former members of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, are led by Protector Henry Casdin. They believe that, by abandoning the Brotherhood of Steel’s primary mission of acquiring new technologies, Elder Owyn Lyons has abandoned the very values that defined the order itself. After leaving the Citadel, they dedicated their lives to what they consider the Brotherhood of Steel’s only mission – the acquisition of new technology.

Brotherhood Outcasts wear armor repainted black and red. To compensate for their reduced numbers, the Outcasts have supplemented their forces with a number of reprogrammed Robobrains, Sentry Bots and Protectrons painted with the same colors.

In addition to procuring and stockpiling technology, the Outcasts analyze and reverse-engineer them, leaving logs at their bases accounting their work.

Their main base in the Washington D.C area is Fort Independence, though there is at least one other known Outcast Outpost. While the Brotherhood of Steel patrols the D.C. Ruins, Brotherhood Outcast patrols are common in the Capital Wasteland. Outcast patrols typically involve three Brotherhood Outcasts (often comprised of one armed with a ranged weapon, one armed with a melee weapon, and one armed with a heavy weapon) or, more commonly, 1-2 outcasts and an Outcast Protectron or Robobrain. There are three "ranks" of Brotherhood Outcast, which appear according to the player's level, with higher-level Outcasts possessing more hit points and better weapons. Outcast patrols are neutral towards the player, and will fight against hostile enemies such as Raiders, critters, and rogue robots.


The Outcasts use the Protector, Defender and Specialist ranks, which are equivalent to Paladin, Knight, and Scribe ranks in the Brotherhood of Steel.

Known members

  • Known allies
    • Lone Wanderer (freelance Collection Agent hired by Protector Casdin)

Attitude towards Wastelanders

File:Brotherhood Outcast.png

The BoS Outcasts show great disdain towards wastelanders. While not hostile, they will constantly insult and berate the player. Though the player can make a deal with them at Fort Independence, it is not possible to join their group. If the player is caught trying to enter their base or killing protector Henry Casdin , the Outcasts will become hostile, unless the player has delivered enough technology to them to be considered a friend. Even if you're considered a friend, the Outcasts will still berate you.

Access to Fort Independence is never "given" but after supplying Protector Casdin with enough scrap metal, energy weapons, and/or Power Armors, the dialog option "So are we good? Do you trust me enough now?" appears when speaking to Protector Casdin. This is usually when it becomes safe to pick the locked door to Fort Independence, providing the player does not pick the lock with an Outcast watching.

Protector Casdin does engage in nearby firefights and can sometimes be found dead at Fort Independence making the free form quest to deliver materials impossible. Searching his corpse reveals a door key, but using it will still turn the Outcasts hostile upon entering Fort Independence.

Outcast members are scripted as evil characters (despite them being more gray than black). Thus, fingers can be taken off their corpses if the player character takes the Lawbringer perk. Interestingly, Protector Casdin, Defender Rockfowl and Defender Morgan drop ears instead.


File:Fallout 3 Protector Henry Casdin otOutcasts.png

Some time after the destruction of the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel ruling council, based in the Lost Hills bunker in South California, decided to send a contingent of soldiers to the East Coast, to recover any and all advanced technology from Washington, D.C. and to investigate the reports of super mutant activity in the area. When the group reached the East Coast, they found the Pentagon largely destroyed, but they found there a technological marvel that, if restored, could help the Brotherhood rebuild a strength and reputation that had been declining steadily for years. After the discovery, Paladin Owyn Lyons, the leader of the expedition, was promoted to Elder. A permanent base known as the Citadel was built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon. Lyons and his soldiers also found the super mutants in the urban ruins of downtown D.C. and helped stop the mutant tide from overtaking the entire region, by at least keeping them at bay.

Eventually, Lyons decided to make protection of innocent inhabitants of Capital Wasteland from super mutants his main priority. In response, the Lost Hills elders cut off all support to the East Coast faction, while still recognizing him as a leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Citadel as their D.C. headquarters. Most of Elder Lyons’ soldiers supported his dedication to the people of the Capital Wasteland, and were proud of their leader’s commitment to honor and heroism. But there were those, including Lyons' second in command, Paladin Henry Casdin, who voiced their opposition – loudly, and aggressively. They believed that by abandoning the Brotherhood of Steel’s primary mission of acquiring new technologies, Elder Lyons had abandoned the very values that defined the order itself.

One night, the dissenters departed from the Citadel, absconding with weapons, Power Armor, and other pieces of technology and equipment. This was, without question, Owyn Lyons’ darkest hour. He had become a man of compassion and understanding, and couldn’t help but sympathize with those who had left: he had abandoned the Brotherhood’s primary mission. He recognized that, and took full responsibility. Some of the Knights and Paladins who left had been his battle brothers for years. Together, they had shared victory and loss, pain and elation. But to those soldiers loyal to Elder Lyons, this dereliction of duty and theft of technology was an act of cowardice and treason. Lyons was left with little choice: he branded the dissenters “Outcasts”, traitors to the Brotherhood of Steel – it was a name they would ultimately wear as a badge of honor, proud of the distance it put between themselves and Lyons’ “soldier sycophants”.

Related quests

The Outcast Collection Agent

The Lone Wanderer can talk with Protector Casdin at Fort Independence, who can arrange a deal between the Outcasts and the Lone Wanderer to trade various technological items for useful supplies.

Operation: Anchorage add-on

The Outcasts play a major role in Operation: Anchorage. In this add-on, a group of Outcasts in the Outcast Outpost under the command of Protector McGraw is trying to acquire advanced military tools, and the only way to enter the locked room containing these relics is by completing a military simulation only the player can enter.

See also:

Combat Statistics

Brotherhood Outcasts
Brotherhood Outcasts are formidable opponents. They have superior protection, weaponry, and skills to virtually every faction encountered in the Capital Wasteland, including Raiders, Talon Company Mercenaries, and most indigenous fauna the Wasteland has to offer. Outcasts generally operate in patrols, making them a bit more dangerous as all of them can open fire the second a hostile appears. Outcast patrols are generally weaker than Enclave kill-teams, however, and frequently lose to them in direct combat unless the Outcast squad is making use of heavy weapons. Fortunately for the player, Outcasts are usually friendly (if gruff and rude) when encountered, meaning their appearance is often helpful. Outcasts will fight any of the more hostile indigenous factions and creatures, saving you ammunition, time, and energy, and their fallen can be looted for Outcast Power Armor and advanced weapons. Many players have taken to eliminating Outcast teams in the field specifically for the gear they drop, as it can provide considerable income.

Outcast Patrols generally use the following weapons:

In addition to having human members, the Outcasts make extensive use of Protectrons and Robobrains. A few squads will even make use of particularly powerful Sentry Bots, equipped with Gatling Lasers, or Mr. Gutsys. All of the above can be easily-spotted by their red-and-black-flecked paintjob, mimicking those of their Outcast masters. While the Protectron is hardly a wonderful combatant, the Robobrain can prove a challenge, the Gutsy can be a threat, and the Sentry Bot is outright deadly. Particularly strong squads have a higher concentration of better gear; a squad of 3 Outcasts - one Laser Rifle-armed, 1 with a Minigun, and 1 with a Gatling Laser, can sometimes be found if you're high enough level near Smith Casey's Garage.


  • "Hey local, shouldn't you be banging rocks together or something?"
  • "Why don't you go bother the Brotherhood or something?"
  • "Great, here's some of the local wildlife."
  • "Haven't got time to talk to your type, local."
  • "You're not involved in this, you want to keep it that way."
  • "Casdin says you're clear."
  • "Back to stare in awe at the Outcasts?"
  • "Keep your distance, mutt. No knowing what is breeding on you,"
  • "Good to have some reinforcements!" (Only with Operation: Anchorage add-on, while you are in the Outcast Outpost and are wearing Outcast Power Armor.)
  • "Nice to see a friendly faceplate." (Only with Operation: Anchorage add-on, while you are in the Outcast Outpost and are wearing Outcast Power Armor.)
  • "Nothing to report, soldier." (Only with Operation: Anchorage add-on, while you are in the Outcast Outpost and are wearing Outcast Power Armor.)


  • For a list of patrol locations, please refer to the discussion page of this article. It can be accessed by clicking on the discussion tab at the top of the page.


  • After making nice with the Outcasts, they sometimes respond in a more friendly fashion upon seeing or talking to you; though comments of "local" are still a common feature, they'll often respond in a more friendly tone. This is true of their robots as well, which will state that "Casdin says you're clear."


  • If the Outcasts guarding Fort Independence are hostile for some reason and you wish to reset it to talk to Casdin for his quest, you can reset this on the PC with the console command removefromallfactions on the npc corpses (use kill and resurrect).
  • All Brotherhood Outcast patrols are considered evil. This means that they will incur no karma penalty when killed, and will potentially drop a finger for those with the Lawbringer perk.
  • WARNING: You lose karma for killing Outcast robots. You lose karma for killing Outcast members in Fort Independance.
  • If you attract an enemy, like a DeathClaw near Old Olney, and an Outcast patrol is near, the patrol will attack, and you will be considered an ENEMY to them. They will attack you until you get away, kill them, or they kill you. This may only happen though if an Outcast member dies in the fight.

Random Hostility

Occasionally Brotherhood Outcasts will become flagged as hostile to the player, even if the player hasn't committed any crimes against them.

Here is a series of console commands you can use to fix this, and reset the Outcast faction to friendly with your character. Some of these may be redundant, but for the sake of being thorough use them all.

player.removefromfaction 00033089 ; (removal from Outcast enemy faction)   clearfactionplayerenemyflag 0001d3ff ; (clear Outcast crimes)          

clearfactionplayerenemyflag 00030520 ; (clear OutcastGeneric crimes)          

setally 0001b2a4 0001d3ff 0 0 ; (sets player faction and Outcast friendly)          

setally 0001b2a4 00030520 0 0 ; (sets player faction and OutcastGeneric friendly)

The Outcasts will no longer treat you as an enemy, and you are free to interact with them normally!