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Capitol Post

The Capitol Post building is a location in Fallout 3 and the office of the pre-war newspaper of the same name in L'Enfant Plaza.


Below the main lobby where the floor has collapsed, the body of Gibson can be found, along with a brief note and the key to his house in Minefield. Gibson can sometimes be found still alive but he will be hostile towards you. (He may also respawn after a few days). Also, if you look in the room where his body will normally be, only his head can be found on the ground.

Notable loot编辑

There is a Safe with Ammo and possibly a weapon such as a Scoped .44 Magnum or Silenced 10mm Pistol on the end of the reception desk.


  • Various terminals contain pre-war articles of the newspaper.
  • Be aware that the terminal closest to the reception desk, on the southeast end of the editor's room, will explode upon activation. There's plenty of time to back away.

Terminal entries编辑


The Capitol Post building appears in Fallout 3.