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Charnel House

Charnel House is a ruined building located Southwest of Fort Bannister, Northwest of the Evergreen Mills and East of Yao Guai Tunnels.

The two-level house is occupied by raiders who apparently secured the entrances with frag mines. The raiders keep a guard dog that can be seen herding the Brahmin nearby. There is often a lookout stationed on the rock behind the house.

The source of Signal Papa November is located near the radio tower to the west of Charnel House

  • Be cautious when fast traveling to this location. It will spawn you nearly on top of a frag mine if you neglected to disarm them on a prior visit.

In the North-Northwestern direction from Charnel House is a ruined house that has been reinforced with sandbags. The fenced field in front of the house is mined. There are 2 Pre-War Books and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum inside the ruins. Beds and most of the other stuff and containers are "owned" and taking them causes the loss of Karma, this is actually the home of a Scavenger. There is a set of Recon Armor or other leveled armor in one of the footlockers.

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