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Chaste Acres Dairy Farm

Chaste Acres Dairy Farm is the ruin of a small farm occupied by raiders.


The farm includes a grain silo which can be entered. Inside, there are miscellaneous supplies and a copy of Pugilism Illustrated, as well as a ladder leading to the sniper position above. There is also a Grognak the Barbarian inside the barn on the east side of the establishment, on the second floor next to the corpse on the bed.

The raiders at Chaste Acres Dairy Farm are usually under attack by random roaming monsters when the Lone Wanderer arrives. These monsters may include groups of robots, Yao Guai, Giant Radscorpions, or even a Deathclaw. Once the area is cleared, subsequent visits will usually turn up a couple more raiders fighting a new set of random foes.

When entering this site for the first time, it is possible to shoot one of the cars, blowing most of the farm sky high.

Notable loot编辑

  • There is a Pugilism Illustrated inside of the silo.
  • A copy of Grognak the Barbarian is on second floor of the barn, lying next to a bed
  • Straight West of the farm is a Nuka Cola delivery truck, containing at least five Nuka Cola Quantums. There is a note about this truck in Old Olney. There is a mailbox by the truck with a copy of Guns and Bullets. You may also be attacked by giant ants when near the Nuka Cola truck (Maybe the farmer wants to defend himself using fire power).
  • There are also almost all the parts needed to build a Shishkebab in the southeast corner of the barn, where the lawnmower is (Pilot light missing).


Chaste Acres Dairy Farm appears in Fallout 3.