Chinese Officer's Sword

The Chinese Officer's Sword is a melee weapon found in Fallout 3. These weapons, encountered in the Capital Wasteland are quite possibly a leftover from the United States' war with China, an event that triggered the Great War.


Despite low damage, non-V.A.T.S. swings are pretty fast. It's more useful in free attack mode than V.A.T.S. usage (28 AP).


Chinese Officer's Swords may be found in the following locations:


  • Jingwei's Shock Sword (Operation: Anchorage add-on) - An electrified version of the Chinese Officer's Sword, the Shock Sword is much stronger and deals electrical damage over time.
  • Samurai's Sword (Mothershp Zeta add-on) - Wielded by Toshiro Kago, the Samurai's Sword is stronger than most other swords, but weaker than the Shock Sword. It has the highest item HP of any Chinese Officer's Sword.
  • Vampire's Edge - The weakest of the Chinese Officer's Sword variants, Vampire's Edge weighs only one pound, and is the only variant to use the regular Sword's skin.


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