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關於the Fallout character,參見Chris Avellone (Fallout)
關於the Fallout Tactics character,參見Chris Avellone (Fallout Tactics)

Christopher Frederic Avellone (born on 27 September 1971) got involved with the Fallout series when production was started on Fallout 2. While many feel that his "feel" for the Fallout canon was lacking, the design of New Reno has been praised by just as many.

It is also rumored that Avellone was one of the key players in keeping the Fallout 2 project on something resembling a track after the three principal Fallout creators had left Interplay to form Troika Games. He also compiled the Fallout Bible.

Its also rumored that Ron Perlman threatened him when he was doing voice overs. The sound file has yet to be found.

Avellone currently works at Obsidian Entertainment, and has worked on such titles as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansion, Mask of the Betrayer, and is lead designer on the upcoming title Alpha Protocol.

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