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Chryslus Building
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The Chryslus Building is a ruin of a large office building located in the Capital Wasteland, on the outskirts of Downtown DC. It was the head office of Chryslus Motors, which manufactured automobiles before the Great War of 2077. At the time, Chryslus was promoting the $199,999.99 Corvega, which was produced at the Corvega Factory, located southwest of Vault 108.

In the years since the war, it has become a stronghold for Super Mutants and Centaurs.


  • There are a total of 16-20 Super Mutant Brute & Super Mutant Master on the upper & lower offices. As well as 2 Vicious dogs.
  • There are 6-8 Centaurs in the basement.
  • It is possible for a Super Mutant Overlord to spawn in the basement if Broken Steel is installed. However if you are a high enough level for this to happen, then the Overlord will spawn with Super Mutant Brutes and Super Mutant Masters, with only 1-2 Centaurs in the area, in which case the Overlord will have the master key.

Notable Loot编辑

  • A Guns and Bullets skill book and a Scoped .44 Magnum can be found in the northern part of the reception area behind an average level terminal-locked door next to an ammunition box on a table. (It is located in the same room as the Nuka-Cola Vending Machine.)
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found in a crate under a desk, in the small room left of the entrance (there's a hole in the wall and is mostly filled with collapsed ceiling debris).
  • A Pugilism Illustrated can be found in the upstairs area of the lower offices, close to a Nuka-Cola machine; look in the row of buckets lined up against the wall on the counter.
  • A Pre-War Book is behind the locked door near the Pugilism book.
  • A Stealth Boy is on top of a table in one of the rooms without a ceiling an the lower floor of the lower offices area.
  • A Big Book of Science skill book is in the basement area at the western-most room on a metal shelf.
  • A Stealth Boy is on top of the large safe in the northern room of the basement, which contains ammo, some caps, and a weapon; also in that room is a terminal that unlocks a smaller safe with a Stealth Boy in it [or not; as usual, contents of safes vary with Level, etc.).
  • The Chryslus building is unusually rich in some of the more common types of loot. Pre-war money, Nuka-Cola just lying on the ground, various schematic components, and even strange meat can be found.


  • For lower-level players, it is very easy to become stuck inside the building with no way out due to the Very Hard lock in the lower offices. It is necessary to defeat a Super Mutant Master (or Super Mutant Overlord, see enemies) to obtain the Master Pass Key, which will be able to unlock all locked doors in the building. If you cannot lockpick hard doors, watch out for a pit that has an ammunition box at the bottom of it with a Scoped .44 Magnum. This is the trap. It is in the northern part of the reception area. The pit also has a Nuka-Cola Machine in it, so look for that as well.
  • When fast-traveling to this location, there seems to be good chance that you will be immediately attacked by a group of Vicious dogs or Yao Guai.
  • In the bathroom on the upper floor of the Reception Area, there are two stalls that have Garden Gnome holding up signs. One says "WE'RE DYING, ASSHOLES!", the other says "HELP US" (like the ones found outside Vault 101 door).
  • On the ground floor there are at least 6 Super Mutants, often found patrolling in pairs. They have quite low perception, so one can sneak up quite close and VATS a few shotgun cartridges their way. If in trouble one can evacuate the building, as they do not seem to follow.

Points Of Interest编辑

  • North of the Chryslus Building is The Raid Shack.
  • Right behind the building itself there is a baseball field, in it two Raiders will spawn. One, on the pitchers mound, will be equipped with frag grenades and the other, on home plate with a baseball bat. They do not actually play and will attack you the moment they detect or see you, as normal enemies. Mildly funny though.
  • Just South (look directly from the entrance) there is a random encounter location. Anything from a few ghouls huddling around a barrel of fire, to a radscorpion killing some giant ants can occur here.


Due east of the Chryslus Building is an Enclave outpost that seems to be overrun by raiders. This outpost only appears after The Waters of Life quest. You'll see a transmitter tower on top of a building when you get close. The raiders seem to have split the Enclave loot amongst themselves, as some are wearing Enclave Power Helmets and some are wearing Enclave Power Armor.

South East of the Chryslus Building a Vertibird will land and deploy Enclave troops on a bridge, usually one soldier and one robot. Below this bridge is a shelter with chems, and a statue head. There is also an excessive quantity of plungers.

Near the shelter and bridge will be a super mutant camp. Inside on the left are 3 ammunition cases one with an average lock, a mini nuke, and assorted medical and chem supplies. Super mutant overlords can be found here if you have a high level and Broken Steel installed.

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Chryslus Building only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes编辑

The name Chryslus is a reference to the real-world car company Chrysler.

Bugs 编辑

- While in the basement after the Broken Steel add-on it is possible to become stuck if the Super Mutant Overlord goes up the stairs towards the exit. This glitch seemed to require a system restart to fix. (Observed on Xbox 360)