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Clifftop Shacks

Clifftop Shacks, located in the Capital Wasteland West of Vault 92, is a Super Mutant camp. There you'll find two abandoned shacks and two captives, which you can either free or leave to their fate.

Notable loot编辑

In the northeastern shack:

  • Average locked safe under the bed
  • Board of Education in the hands of a skeleton on the bed
  • Pre-War Book on the bedstand
  • Grognak the Barbarian on the middle shelf, of last metal shelving to the right upon entering
  • Two grenades in a box with two empty whiskey bottles.

In the southwestern shack:

  • Pugilism Illustrated on the shelf in the room to the left.
  • Average locked safe on a counter (with a leveled gun)
  • A number of components for weapon construction


  • There are 2 random encounter triggers near the bottom of the bridge going up and near a puddle.
  • In one of the shacks, there is a skeleton sitting in a bathtub with a toaster between his legs.


Clifftop Shacks appears only in Fallout 3.