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Corvega Factory
Corvega Factory loc

Located southwest of Vault 108, lies the Corvega Factory; a branch of Chryslus Motors. Though in its current state, it is now nothing more than an abandoned assembly line that once manufactured the Corvega.

The factory is inhabited by Giant Ants, within its southern extremity waits a Giant Ant Queen, who can be killed for her Pheromones. Inside you will find several dead wastelanders (one with a degraded Laser Rifle), 3 skill books, a few desks and filing cabinets containing random items, and a handful of weapon parts (including 2 lunchboxes) - not counting the 40-50 Ant Meats you can get from the many ants and egg clutches.

Points of Interest编辑

  • There is a section of the factory in which multiple cars can be blown up in a row, creating a massive explosion.
  • There is a dead Female Talon Company Merc sprawled on a balcony above the main entrance. Stairs are provided to enable the PC to reach (and loot) her corpse.
  • The entrance section features an inaccessible second floor with a toppled vending machine and a lootable steel desk that dangles through the collapsed floor. Obsessed players can reach the desk from the balcony where the dead Talon Merc is, by jumping onto the railing, then the broken column, then toward the desk, looting it in midair, however this may be a waste of time, as it is usually empty.
  • Down the road behind the factory, just past the gas station, a random encounter has been noted. Usually a Talon Company Merc accompanied with a robot companion. This occurs south of the factory, just west of the overturned Nuka Cola truck.

Notable Loot编辑

Numbers refer to points on the map at right


  • Big Book of Science in a red dumpster in the back of the factory next to a truck. You will need to jump in from the nearby cliff (watch your health). Also be careful not to get stuck in behind the barrels, else you'll have to fast travel to escape.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes in a Nuka Cola Truck to the south of the factory under the highway girders.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in the same Nuka Cola truck, inside a locked (very hard, 100 skill) foot locker. The key to the foot locker is located about 7 steps north from the front of the Nuka Cola truck, under an overturned box by a rock and a skeleton.
  • Mini Nuke in the same Nuka Cola truck.
  • Searching the Nuka Cola truck will spawn Raiders at the entrance to the truck, usually lightly armed.


  • Sometimes, the Ant Queen can be found dead before reaching her in Corvega Factory(Confirmed 360 & PC)
  • While fighting the Ant Queen, you may become stuck if you jump over a pile of tires immediately to your left.

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Corvega Factory only appears in Fallout 3.