Craig Boone
race: Human, Caucasian
gender: Male
affiliation: NCR 1st Recon (formerly)
role: NCR 1st Recon sniper (formerly)
Town guard
2 of Hearts (with Manny Vargas)
location: Novac
family: Carla Boone - wife (deceased)
Unborn child (deceased)
quests: Beyond the Beef
One for My Baby
I Forgot to Remember to Forget
You'll Know It When It Happens
karma: Neutral
derived stats: Hit Points: 230 → 315
tag skills: Guns: 48 → 100
Melee Weapons: 48 → 100
Sneak: 48 → 100
perks: Spotter
level: 5 → 22
actor: Jason Marsden[1]
base id: 00092bd2
ref id: 00096bce
You take out a debt, it's only a matter of time before someone comes collecting.

—Craig Boone

Craig Boone is a possible companion and Novac's night-shift sharpshooter in Fallout: New Vegas.

Boone specializes in rifles, carrying his own scoped hunting rifle.


Born in 2255, Boone is a town guard and former NCR sharpshooter in the 1st Recon Sniper Battalion, a unit which has a reputation for being the best of the best. He is bitterly whiling away the hours until he can find out who is responsible for the disappearance of his wife, Carla, and kill them. Hardened and psychologically troubled from his time in the NCR military, Boone vacillates between being a stone-cold killer and a decent human being. Venturing out from the relative safety of Novac brings Boone into close contact with his old life until he is forced to deal with the tragic events that caused him to leave the military.

Boone met Carla while on leave on the New Vegas Strip. Carla was the only thing in the world who made him feel calm and happy in life. When he listened to her, she made him forget about everything he did in the military. He left the military, married Carla, and moved to Novac at the invitation of his 1st Recon friend, Manny Vargas. Jeannie May Crawford describes Carla as a "cactus flower": pretty to look at, but hard to get close to. She was never content with the ordinary life of the small town. Carla's attitude toward the town caused distance between Boone and Manny, which continued after Carla's disappearance. She had been kidnapped by the Legion, and Boone suspected she was betrayed by one of the townsfolk.

After completing several quests with Boone as a follower, it is possible to gain more information about Boone's wife. When she was kidnapped, he tracked down the slaving party in hopes of rescuing her, only to find her being auctioned off with hundreds of other slaves to Legion soldiers. All Boone had was his rifle and the distance between them. Instead of subjecting her to the horrors of Legion slavery, he chose to take her life in a mercy killing. As a result of the psychological trauma Boone endured, he has become suicidal; he has no goal, purpose, or desire in life but to slaughter Legionnaires (preferably by assisting with cranial perforation) until the Legion finally catches up to him. Boone also reveals he was part of the NCR attack on Bitter Springs, where he and his squad were ordered to shoot members of the Great Khans, including women, the sick, and children.

Craig Boone, despite leaving the military, is still an NCR soldier at heart; he refuses to work with a terrorist against the NCR and will not tolerate the Courier working with Caesar's Legion. In fact, if the player enters the Fort with Boone, all Legion members will become immediately hostile, regardless of the player's previous standing with them.

Interactions with the player character编辑

Interactions overview编辑

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  • One for My Baby: Help Boone take care of the person responsible for his wife's kidnapping. The successful completion of this quest makes him available as a companion for the Courier.
  • I Forgot to Remember to Forget: Help Boone deal with the psychological trauma still haunting him. The successful completion of this quest upgrades his armor.
  • Beyond the Beef: The player can offer Boone, or any other human companion, as a substitute to Mortimer for the banquet.
  • You'll Know It When It Happens: Boone will tell the player three ways in which president Aaron Kimball can be assassinated. Two of his suggestions are attempted by the Legion.

Effects of the player's actions编辑

  • If you have Boone kill Manny Vargas during One for My Baby and pass a Speech check to convince him that Manny was guilty, he will tell you to "Never say that name again." when asked about Vargas.
  • After the player recruits Boone, if the player's NCR reputation goes below neutral (more infamy than fame), or if the player's Legion reputation goes above neutral, he will threaten to leave. If the reputation gets worse (lower for NCR or higher for Legion) he will leave permanently and cannot be re-recruited.
  • If the player has not yet recruited Boone, he will refuse to speak to the player if their overall NCR reputation is significantly below neutral, or if they have significant positive reputation with Caesar's Legion. The reputation can be temporarily swayed by wearing any NCR armor, allowing the player that faction's relations and reputation. Though, very ironically, Caesar's Legion armor works just as well.
  • If you get Boone to kill someone who is "responsible" for the death of his wife, he'll later ask you what gave them away. If you respond with "I had a hunch", he'll be hostile towards you and won't talk to you anymore.

Other interactions编辑

  • If asked if he will ever take off his beret when he has headgear with a higher Damage Threshold equipped, he will still say "No".
  • If the player takes his beret, Boone says "I would really like my beret back, please." However, not returning it causes no significant results. Oddly enough, he will still say this even if you trade it back to him before closing the inventory window.
  • If the player travels near Cottonwood Cove or Nelson with Boone he will mention his grudge against the Legion and the player will be given the option to continue with him or not.
  • If you near the boat in Cottonwood Cove, Boone will say to you that this would probably the last boat you take.
  • If the player aims a weapon at him, Boone says "How about I aim my gun at you for a while, see how you like it".
  • After killing Caesar, Boone will say, "Thumbs-down, you son of a bitch!", in reference to the gladiatorial games. He will also talk about the kill next time the player speaks to him.


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  • Boone has excellent Guns skill and provides the Spotter perk, while also being deadly with a melee weapon. He is also surprisingly resistant to damage for a non-mutant companion.
  • Boone is automatically hostile to any Legion faction members. Legion members are always hostile to Boone, as well as to the Courier while Boone is serving as a companion. This only applies if the Legion can see him, however; if told to wait out of sight, Legion will not turn hostile.
  • Boone will return to Novac after a few days if "lost."
  • Boone has the second lowest Intelligence stat (tied with Lily and smarter than Rex).
  • The 1st Recon are known throughout the wastes. When Boone is a companion...
    • NCR soldiers and 1st Recon Sharpshooters say "Wish I had a 1st Recon guy looking after me..."
    • Great Khans say "Do you know you're traveling with a fucking murderer?" referring to the Bitter Springs massacre.
    • Brotherhood of Steel members say "Why is your companion glaring at me? Did I bump into him or something?"
    • Freeside residents say the player "isn't doing [themselves] a favor by having him around!"
    • Escaped convicts and Powder Gangers say "That man has cold eyes. Definitely ex-military."
    • Gun Runners will say "1st Recon's a top-notch unit, they're always buying sniper rifles from us."
    • Followers of the Apocalypse will say "That's a 1st Recon beret. They're the best marksmen in the NCR."
    • The Kings will say "Is that guy NCR? He looks NCR."
    • Drunks in Freeside will say "Hey, nice hat there, fancy pants!"
  • Boone has unique comments for a variety of game locations and situations:
    • Boone will say "I need a bigger caliber" or "I'm not punching through" if his weapons aren't getting through the enemy's armor DT.
    • When the player shoots while not engaged with a target, he'll say, "Let me aim that for you next time." This comment can occur when attacking a target at long range, even if the player hits it (which is ironic since Boone is supposedly spotting the target).
  • James Marsden is incorrectly credited as the actor instead of Jason Marsden.
  • Mortimer will comment on Boone being in good shape and looking healthy, while insulting Boone as being a little gamey and rugged, when offering to sacrifice him to Mortimer during Beyond the Beef.
  • For some reason, prolonged swimming or just swimming in Lake Mead while having Boone follow you, will cause him to die after he swims around in circles for a few minutes.
  • After killing a Legion enemy, Boone will say "Wish there was more of them, I wasn't done yet."
  • After you kill Oscar Velasco, Boone will say "Great Khan looks like. Guess he fought at Bitter Springs, or saw it happen".
  • Boone will give you one warning before leaving permanently (similar to when Caesar sends Vulpes Inculta to the Strip to wipe your infamy slate clean) if the player works with the Legion and gains a positive reputation with them. So if you plan on doing several missions for the Legion, leave Boone in the Lucky 38 presidential suite and speak to him once finished. It should be noted that if you choose to follow the Legion path through the end it will be impossible to take Boone to the battle at Hoover Dam.


Craig Boone appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • Craig Boone was written by Eric Fenstermaker.
  • Boone is voiced by the same person who voiced Billy Yoder in Telltale Games Jurassic Park game. One of Yoder's squad mates was named Vargas.


  • Template:Platforms After applying patch Boone may no longer move his head to track nearby targets, and will holster his weapon while in combat approximately every five seconds. This error is caused by a code added to his main dialogue script, which causes him to re-evaluate his current AI package every five seconds.
  • Template:Platforms Due to a glitch regarding armor stats, every time Boone switches equipment, the PER bonus from his beret gets added again and again, which leads to Boone having over 10 Perception. This can be reset by taking his beret away, and then giving it back to him.
  • Template:Platforms If the player takes Boone's beret, then give it back to him, it may disappear from his inventory. If you give him the one remaining in your inventory, it will disappear upon transfer.
  • Template:Platforms This can be done by giving to him any apparel does not allow face or headgear. Thusly, he'll also take his sunglasses off.
  • Template:Platforms Boone seems to occasionally switch to melee (or if unavailable, unarmed) without prompt. This can be fixed by changing his combat style to melee in the companion wheel, and then back to ranged.
  • Template:Platforms If you fast travel after earning enough history points to unlock the quest I Forgot to Remember to Forget, but before Boone asks you to return to Bitter Springs with him, Boone will not fast travel with you. You may correct this by loading the auto-save file if you have not changed the game's default auto-save settings.
  • Template:Platforms If Boone has NCR faction armor AND a better set of armor in his inventory, he will sometimes switch between them for seemingly no reason.
  • Template:Platforms If Boone is a companion and you part ways with him, say to meet up at the Lucky 38, and eventually accept him as a companion again, he will repeatedly talk to you without prompt. on the Xbox 360, he won't leave the Presidential Suite either. and fast traveling also causes him to disappear from the game permanently. This can be fixed only by going to The Fort and killing Caesar, although Boone will not appear. Upon killing Caesar, fast traveling to Cottonwood Cove will fix the glitch, provided there are enemies nearby.
  • Template:Platforms After a fight Boone may get stuck at reloading his weapon endlessly and not following you any more. Let him switch to melee and back to ranged gets him out of that loop. Yet only confirmed for PC, happened after fast traveling to Nevada Highway Patrol Station and fighting 10+ Jackal gang members.
  • Template:Platforms Sometimes when you're at the beginning of the game Boone will be shown as a companion but in Novac even if you haven't recruited him
    • Template:Platforms You can fix this bug by closing out of the game or turning off your console then back on.
  • Template:Platforms Sometimes when giving Boone a pair of Authority glasses they turn out misshapen on his face. His rifle also will glitch out, and either disappear off his back or be inside of him. This also causes him to switch equipment. This can be fixed by taking the glasses, completely leaving the companion wheel, then going back and giving them back. (Confirmed for Xbox 360)
  • Template:Platforms If Boone is a companion while using the Mark of Caesar to boat your way to The Fort Boone may appear on the dock next to you even if asked to wait far away. He will spawn in water therefore unable to fight the boat guard.
  • Template:Platforms If Boone is wearing gear that the player has given him, and then receives another set of apparel (not necessarily better than his current armor) he may remove his sunglasses and beret despite them being the only head-wear he has.
  • Template:Platforms Sometimes during combat, Boone will randomly stop attacking enemies and will turn around. Then he will run in a specific direction, not stopping unless if he runs into a wall. To counter-act this, the player must tell him to keep his distance, and then tell him to keep close again.
  • Template:Platforms If you give him armor like radiation suit, he will remove his headgear, but he won't wear the suit.
  • Template:Platforms If Boone is following you and you are accepted with the Legion, Boone will comment on it. Afterwards he will talk to you every 10 seconds, even if you did not engage him in conversation.
  • Template:Platforms Sometimes, when the player enters the Ultra-Luxe, gives up his weapons and then steals them back from the locker, Boone will lose his rifle for the rest of the game.



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