Dart Gun

The Dart Gun is a small guns craftable pistol in Fallout 3. It is built from a paint gun, toy car, Radscorpion Poison Gland, and surgical tubing. The paint gun serves as the framework for the gun, containing the launch mechanism for the darts, and the paint can which contains the Radscorpion venom. The surgical tubing launches the darts and is attached to the toy car's wheels in order to propel the darts smoothly.


See Schematics - Dart Gun.


  • The poisonous darts inflict decent damage on the target for 8 seconds. The poison is ineffective against non-organic enemies like robots. Also, poison damage effects stack; more darts in the target at once means faster loss of health. But the real use of the dartgun is for various big game, dart them, then jog backwards and you can take apart anything without getting hurt.
  • The Dart Gun's 6 base damage is affected by weapon durability; the poison and leg crippling effects are unaffected. Due to this fact, relative condition of the weapon will be irrelevant for most players, and multiple copies of the schematic -- especially if paid for -- might not be worth the effort to collect.
  • Ammo for this gun is very common. You can find around 100 rounds in most areas.
  • The Dart Gun is also a great disarming weapon. If its fired and hits the target's weapon, the weapon will go careening out of their hands PLUS they take the poison and leg crippling effects.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • It appears to be launched as a spear gun, not with pneumatics. The paint gun works as the trigger and as storage for the radscorpion venom.
  • The container which supposedly contains the rad-scorpion venom has the words BUG JUICE and a skull and cross-bones written/drawn on it.


  • Sometimes while you're firing the Dart gun, the Surgical Tubing (which is the part of the weapon in the schematics that shoots out the Dart) just stays there and it looks that the Dart itself shoots from the weapon. Also when you're reloading, the pulling part of the weapon had already been pulled and the dart that supposed to been shot is still there. There's no interference on any condition to the weapon but it looks odd.

If you crouch whilst having the dart gun equipped, the rod on the back of the paint gun component will constantly move back and forth (as if you were reloading). This only happens when viewing your character in 3rd person.


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