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Deathclaw Sanctuary

Deathclaw Sanctuary is a location in Fallout 3, found in the Northwestern region of the Capital Wasteland. The sanctuary between Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel and Broadcast Tower KB5 can be reached travelling south-west from Fort Constantine or south from SatCom Array NW-05a.



Outside of the sanctuary is a small overhang with many skeletons, presumably victims of the Deathclaws. Further down the face of the cliff is a bridge crossing a large gorge. If approached from the correct location, a random encounter can happen.

After The Waters of Life, Enclave will appear to the north-east. This usually consists of a Tesla Soldier and an Enclave Scientist.


The location consists of a dark, maze-like cave complex, and appears to be the home of several Deathclaws.

The sanctuary seems to function both as a den/nest and a storage place, indicated by the many piles of maimed bodies and body parts that can be found in specific places. Several Wastelanders, Raiders, mercenaries and rotting Brahmin corpses are among them. Many of the corpses will yield good loot.

The Waters of Life编辑

If the cave is cleared out before The Waters of Life, only Deathclaws will be found here. However, after the arrival of the Enclave a group of soldiers appears to have entered the caves to explore (with poor results). This has an effect on the unique weapons found here, see the loot section.

The Enclave probably set up camp here to test out the Deathclaws' usefulness to the Enclave military operations. The research appears to be a success, as one can encounter Deathclaws with mind-controlling devices on their heads in other Enclave settlements (Including Raven Rock).

Notable loot编辑


  • There is a locked footlocker right outside the cave entrance which contains various weapons, ammunition, stimpacks, and a Duck and Cover! book.
  • Enclave loot from nearby camp.


  • Bobblehead - Endurance directly south of the entry inside the cave, in the first large chamber - on a short pedestal near a pile of corpses and a Rotting Brahmin. (It is to the immediate left at the bottom of the entry slope, ground level) Also in the first chamber:
  • A unique form of the gatling laser, called Vengeance in the far southeast of the caves, near a dripping pool of blood.
  • Jack, a unique form of ripper, can only be found here when The Waters of Life has been finished. The Enclave officer that holds this weapon will not spawn earlier, due to the changes this quest makes (The Enclave will only be encountered after finishing this quest).
  • The loot gained from the scavengers and traders (100-200 bottlecaps per trader, ammo and chems) if every nook and cranny is explored.
  • There are 2 Sniper Rifles found on some raiders with some .308 ammo.


  • Players are advised to be cautious: Deathclaws are among the most dangerous enemies in the Capital Wasteland, and being situated in a dark cave with several of the beasts in proximity is not an easy situation. Sneaking is encouraged, and so are high-damaging weapons like Alien Blaster, Lincoln's Repeater and The Terrible Shotgun. The Dart Gun can also prove useful here. Stimpaks are a must. It is also advised to not have weak NPC Followers.
  • If you go exploring the deathclaw sanctuary, it is recomended you bring Fawkes, he is more than a match for the long clawed creatures through strength, endurance and his genuine amount of sheer trigger happiness, for high level players, the deathclaws may not be a problem and low level players are recomended to give the mount mabel area a wide berth.
  • The Enclave soldiers exploring the cave are spawned alive, but are quickly killed off by the Deathclaws inside. One can save them, in theory, but that would be foolish: The Enclave soldiers are aggressive towards the player as well unless you want their fingers to make caps in the regulators HQ.
  • Fast-travelling to this location may be a bad call: It has been reported by several players that one can get attacked by several deathclaws and Enclave soldiers at the arrival. You will spawn by the footlocker at the door, and in some cases you will be attacked by several deathclaws here, while Enclave troopers are free to take potshots at you from their elevated position. Consider fast-travelling to a nearby location instead.
    • Up to five Deathclaws may appear outside of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, including the Enclave controlled Deathclaw(s) (if you have not killed both the Enclave Deathclaws) if you have killed both or at least one of the Enclave controlled Deathclaws a maximum of 4 Deathclaws can appear.
  • It is a good idea to loot this place before doing the waters of life quest. It has been reported that sometimes the loot will reappear for you to claim once again.
  • There is a random mini-encounter just before the deathclaw sanctuary; going south-west of the entrance between the rocks, saving and loading just before it spawns can cause you to trigger the unique mini-encounter Wounded Deathclaw and thus gaining you an schematic of the Deathclaw Gauntlet on the corpse of a dead wastelander. Be aware though, the Deathclaw guarding the body may be crippled and severely damaged, you should maintain distance before you loot the corpse.


  • The deathclaws that spawn around the entrance to the sanctuary have been known to suddenly and spontaneously shoot up into the air. This seems to be caused by their spawn points placing them slightly below a surface they should otherwise be standing on, the resulting reaction of the physics engine seems to propel them skyward. (confirmed xbox 360/PS3/PC)
  • The deathclaws that spawn near the entrance may also spontaneously die while fighting you. (Confirmed Xbox 360)
  • The torso halves found in the pool of blood near the Vengeance have strange physics applied to them. Picking them up (Either the legs or the torso) results in them spinning in midair -- regardless of whether you are moving or not.
  • The various deathclaw cages in the enclave base outside the sanctuary, have been known to only show the doors, and not the rest of the container. the doors do however still function. (Confirmed Xbox 360)
  • By the bobblehead, the rear half of a Brahmin can be seen sticking out of the ground shaking due to it being stuck through a solid object (the ground). It will always be found like this.
  • The deathclaw that is walking at the pool of blood may not attack you. This is easy to get to Vengeance. (Confirmed Xbox 360)
  • This area has a lower framerate than any other place in the game, simply walking through it may cause you to drop to around 10 fps. (Confirmed Xbox 360)