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This page is about the Fallout 4 companion. For other characters in the Fallout universe named Dogmeat, see Dogmeat.
For the consumable item in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Van Buren, see Dog meat.

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狗肉 编辑

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Who's a good boy?

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基本情况 编辑

=== race ===

德牧 dog

=== sex ===


=== affiliation ===

=== role ===

Attack dog

=== location ===

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游戏相关 编辑

=== appearances ===

=== quests ===

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状态数据 编辑

=== base SPECIAL ===

4 ST, 14 PE, 4 EN, 4 CH, 8 IN, 14 AG, 4 LK

=== derived stats ===

Hit Points: 150 + (Player Level x 5)

Carry Weight: 150 lbs

Damage Res.: 0%
Energy Res.: 0%

=== tag skills ===

=== level ===


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Additional info 编辑

=== voice actor ===

=== base id ===


=== ref id ===

Let's go, pal.

Sole Survivor to Dogmeat



A typical Commonwealth mutt, Dogmeat is capable of tracking a man's scent for miles. While he doesn't have a real owner, he is a faithful and loyal companion to those he accompanies.

During the time that the Sole Survivor was cryogenically frozen in Vault 111, Dogmeat assisted Nick Valentine on a number of cases, and also accompanied 普雷斯顿·加维and his group of settlers on their way to Concord. When the group was ambushed by raiders, Preston sent Dogmeat to search for help in nearby Sanctuary Hills, patiently waiting at the Red Rocket truck stop for someone to come along and lend a hand.

When the Survivor arrives, they can choose to adopt Dogmeat, who will accompany them on their travels throughout the Commonwealth. 狗肉的追踪技巧在寻找克罗格中起到了很大的作用。

Interactions with the player character编辑

Interactions overview编辑

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Other interactions编辑

当第一次进入红火箭维修厂时, 玩家的任务-其他中会出现任务"问候狗狗" 。当和狗肉发生初次见面的对话后自动完成。

和其他队友一样, the Sole Survivor 可以给狗肉下通常的命令,如到达某地或取东西。狗肉也可被命令打滚。



Equipment Wearable by Location
蓝色手帕 Everyone
链式项圈 Dogmeat
狗项圈 Dogmeat
狗头盔 Dogmeat Heavy armored dog at Hyde Park
Armored Dog at Thicket Excavations
双重狗项圈 Dogmeat
枪手迷彩手帕 Everyone
枪手绿手帕 Everyone
重狗装甲 Dogmeat
丛林手帕 Everyone
豹纹手帕 Everyone
轻狗装甲 Dogmeat
狗装甲 Dogmeat
红手帕 Everyone
加固项圈 Dogmeat
条纹手帕 Everyone
骷髅手帕 Everyone
星条旗手帕 Everyone
尖刺项圈 Dogmeat
尖刺头盔 Dogmeat
焊接护目镜 Everyone


  • 庇护山丘东南的红火箭维修厂玩家第一次遇到狗肉,并可以招聘它。
  • 如并未在玩家的战队中,尼克·瓦伦坦将在任务“寻找线索”中召唤它。
  • 收集学院中的惊世奇谈,则获得一个perk,降低狗肉受到的伤害。
  • 生存模式中狗肉的默认负荷是25磅,如携带装具则可能达150磅 (手帕、狗装甲或项圈) 焊接护目镜除外。这可能是一个失误。


狗肉无条件支持玩家,因此也没有满感情perk。 在基础的游戏中, 它是唯一的同伴,与其他做任务的暂时同伴不同,它严格地中立。


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
- - - 混种狗肉


  • 第一次相遇时它的名字只是“狗”。然而后来妈妈墨菲 告诉Sole Survivor 它叫狗肉。她也会说狗肉不是他们的,但她预测到了狗肉将跟随玩家。[1]
    • 如对话未进行,狗肉仍然只叫“狗”。然而, 在任务重逢中, 狗肉就叫本来的名字,不管玩家是否与妈妈墨菲谈过了。从今以后它就叫狗肉了。
  • 在任务寻找证据中,即使狗肉从未谋面,尼克·瓦伦坦也将用口哨召唤它。
    • 尼克·瓦伦坦在说“我知道有人能帮忙”后会说“我之前和他合作过几次”。
  • 在任务重逢中, 找到海根堡后辞退狗肉,它将原地待命直到任务结束,不管你如何遣送它。
  • 狗肉是唯一一个需要用perk列表解锁perk的队友。
  • When the player character is rebuilding a site, they can place a dog house for him to stay in. If he is dismissed to a settlement before that he will go and live in or around one of the existing dog houses.
    • Dogmeat can be healed during battle if a stimpak is used on him when he is downed.
  • Dogmeat is able to "fetch," detecting the surrounding for the choice of items, enemies or containers. Upon finding something, Dogmeat will either stand in front of the item (if on the floor,) bite the enemy (triggers enemy detection) or pull out the items from the container. If told to fetch an item near Custom House Tower, he will run to rubble pile near existing mannequins in display windows and pull out random hats. One of these hats can apparently be the Lieutenant's hat or Captain Ironsides' hat.
  • When traveling with Dogmeat, he may occasionally detect enemies and containers on his own without being asked to do so by the Sole Survivor, which prompts the player character with messages such as 'Dogmeat found something', when he finds a container or 'Dogmeat found an enemy', when he detects enemy presence nearby.
  • Upon detecting containers or enemies, no matter if told to or otherwise, Dogmeat will react accordingly: he growls if an enemy is detected and keeps doing so while he tracks them, or, when he finds a container, gives the player character a warning bark, runs towards it, and then happily steps his front paws, while pointing his head to whatever he has found.
    • If not able to reach a container he found, he will still point his head towards the direction of what he found, giving the player character a hint on chests, trunks and other containers with valuable loot usually placed in the top of buildings.
  • While Dogmeat is technically a companion, the benefits of Lone Wanderer still apply if the Sole Survivor adventures with Dogmeat.
  • If sent to wait at the Red Rocket truck stop where he is first met, one of Dogmeat's idle animations is putting his front legs on certain objects, like the hole in the pillars. Other dogs encountered, such as the one sold by Gene will also do this.
  • If Dogmeat is sent back to a settlement (by dismissal) and is then asked to trade, the Sole Survivor will refer to him by his real name, regardless of whether they know it yet.
  • As of the base game, there are no items Dogmeat can wear that boost his armor ratings, i.e., all equipable armor, collars, and bandanas are purely cosmetic.
  • Dogmeat does not count as a settler when in a settlement and will not respond to the "Settler Rally" bell. He will stay wherever he is at the time, likely near the closest doghouse.
  • If entering the "Command" menu while crouched, the Sole Survivor will whisper to Dogmeat. If entering after telling Dogmeat to stay and being a fair distance from him, they will shout and whistle.
  • If Dogmeat is given a teddy bear, he will chew on it and throw it into the air, playing with it. The teddy bear will not be "consumed" and remain in his inventory for storage. Dogmeat will repeat this behavior at random moments when not in combat and not in transit.
  • If an ally of any faction is killed, Dogmeat will induce a "mournful howl," as called by subtitles.
  • Dogmeat appears in Fallout Shelter as a legendary german shepard.
  • When engaged in combat against humanoid enemies, Dogmeat can trigger a variety of melee moves during the fight, such as a limb bite move, which he uses to hold an enemy stuck by biting their limbs, which works with humans, synths, super mutants and feral ghouls, and a neck bite finishing move, which can eventually trigger when he engages a human enemy with health low enough to be instantly killed by his attacks, on which he jumps and knocks them down to finally kill them with a deadly neck bite.


每部作品都有一只“狗肉”但这只狗肉只出现于 辐射4.

Behind the scenes编辑