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The Drone Cannon Ex-B is a weapon which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on. It is a unique Drone Cannon used by Experimental Weapons Drone.


  • This weapon does not show up as the normal Drone Cannon, it will appear as Drone Cannon Ex-B in your inventory. There will be an error in the corner of the screen letting you know you have a unique drone cannon.
  • Unlike the original Drone Cannon, the Drone Cannon Ex-B energy spheres do not bounce off walls. They will instead explode on impact, like missiles fired from a Missile Launcher, although they still fire in an arc.
  • It is possible that this weapon was originally planned to have a Backpack, like most other Big Guns, since with this weapon and a Power Armor equipped, The armor's "Power Pack" disappears. This is most clearly visible with Tesla Armor. This is similar to the Scoped Gauss Rifle, which also eliminated the Power Pack.


In the Weapons Lab, there is a room where you can spawn Brahmin for drones to kill. Enter the room and kill the drone for the weapon. There is also a second one in the same room that is automatically activated when the first is destroyed. NOTE: If you are having trouble finding this, do not be confused. There are, in fact, two places in the Weapons Lab where you can spawn Brahmin. The one with the Drone Cannon Ex-B is west, next to where the Alien Captive Recording is, not where the Weapons Lab teleporter is. This author passed by this area 3 times only to finally realize it's existence, so do not fret. Looking on your map the room is a triangular shape, with the top of the triangle facing west. There are three buttons in the room, one spawns the Brahmin and activates one Experimental Weapons Drone, the second button is located right next to the first and activates a second Experimental Weapons Drone (and in turn, spawns a second Drone Cannon Ex-B). The final switch is located next to the door with the force field and opens the room for you to go in. The Experimental Weapons Drones will drop a normal Drone Cannon on the ground, and have the Ex-B in their inventory.


When picking up another Drone Cannon Ex-B while having one in in inventory will turn both Drone Cannon Ex-Bs to normal Drone Cannons (Xbox 360, confirmed)

When shot, the projectile will occasionally pass through walls or the floor, doing nothing(Xbox 360, confirmed)

If the Console Command no clip (TCL) is enabled, firing the Drone Cannon Ex-B will result in the projectiles staying stationary. Because of this, it is possible to move around and place large amounts of projectiles for a larger impact.

When no clip is disabled, the projectiles will then continue to travel to their point of impact. It is untested as to whether this works with the normal Drone Cannon.


The Drone Cannon Ex-B appears in the Mothership Zeta add-on for Fallout 3.




Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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