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Dry Sewers

The Dry Sewer is a sewer system that can be reached from Dupont Circle. It is one path to Our Lady of Hope Hospital in the Reilly's Rangers quest.


The first area of the Sewer is patrolled by Talon Company Mercs. Coming from Dupont Circle, the first room has two Mercs in it. In the stair well going down in the room guarded by these Mercs about half way down you will find a grenade bouquet. If your explosive skill is high enough you can disarm it or go around it. Proceeding into the sewer proper, you may find a battle between two more Talon Company mercs and two Super Mutants to the west, one of which has a Minigun. The cul-de-sac from which the Mutants are attacking has a number of medical supplies and a Ham Radio.

To the East is a dead-end maintenance room that holds a number of parts, as well as a chamber containing waste barrels. The chamber is filled by a cloud of flammable gas, which may be ignited with an energy or flaming weapon, or by firing a conventional weapon while inside the cloud.

Beyond the toxic waste is a Mutant, armed with a heavy weapon, and a fallen Mister Gutsy near a Mutant corpse. Unless Mister Gutsy won, in which case you will find two dead Mutants and a Mister Gutsy waiting for you. Moving uphill from here leads to a dead end, while a maintenance door leads to the hospital's boiler room.

The boiler room is full of mutants. From here there is a door to the Hospital, as well as spare parts and number of medical devices.

Once cleared of enemies, you can use the mattress on the ground (not the ruined bed) at the far end of the tunnel to catch some sleep.

Notable loot编辑

  • South of the main sewer junction is a utility room, in the back of it a copy of Dean's Electronics can be found on a shelf.
  • In the same utility room there are also a couple of cherry bombs in a bucket on top of the shelf, three sensor modules and a lunchbox, all of the contents for a Bottlecap Mine (minus caps).


The Dry Sewers appear only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes编辑

On the entrance to the Dry Sewer from Dupont Circle the word "Maintenance" in misspelled on the door. The door says "Hospital Maintenace."