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Dukov's Place

Dukov's Place is a pre-War hotel/estate now used as a party headquarters. It relates to few side quests.


Dukov's Place is a squat, square hotel with the same exterior texture as Tenpenny Tower. The front entrance is surrounded by wooden barricades painted with the poorly written warning "Keep Your Weapons Holstered or Get Gratuitous Amounts Of Bullets Put Into You."

Find it on the east side of the Potomac, visible from the Anchorage Memorial. The nearest Fast Travel location is the Tepid Sewer. Following Moira's quests for the Wasteland Survival Guide will take early-game players close to Dukov's pad on two separate occasions.

To the south lies a small Raider camp that will spawn about 3 low-level Raiders. There are 4 Ammunition Boxes (One locked Very Hard with Microfusion Cells and Stealth Boys), 1 First Aid Kit, and some alcoholic drinks. One notable piece of loot is a Duck and Cover Book. Beyond this is the treacherous route to the Jefferson Memorial and Rivet City, with several Super Mutant camps and Centaur patrols.

To the north lies a small Super Mutant camp with one Captive. Beyond that is a Raider/Supermutant respawn point, where they will shoot at each other from across the river.

Farragut West Station stands a few dozen yards further up; it is guarded by a leveled, respawning Super Mutant, who may carry the R91 Assault Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle, or Minigun. Beyond this point is the northern fringe of the D.C. Ruins, contested by a variety of Raiders, Mutants, Robots, and critters.

Behind Dukov's place, the Enclave will establish an outpost. The outpost initially consists of only an Enclave Officer and an occupied Deathclaw cage. If the officer is killed, a Vertibird will drop off 3 Enclave soldiers (including a Tesla Armor soldier) to investigate. The 3 Enclave Soldiers become permanently attached to the outpost, and WILL respawn if killed.


Anchorage Memorial includes a Random Encounter location which may spawn Raiders or hostile Wastelanders. The shallow waters between the Memorial and the shore are also a major Mirelurk breeding ground. These critters respawn every 72 hours, and level up to Mirelurk Kings. The east bank is initially patrolled by one or two Centaurs from the nearby camp; this editor has not seen them respawn.

Radroaches do respawn on the east bank. This editor has occasionally encountered a single Raider or Wasteland sniper in the area.

After the Enclave make their presence known, be careful when fast traveling to Dukov's place, as the local outpost includes a Deathclaw cage. They may be in instant aggravation range for Dogmeat or other companions. The Deathclaw may be friendly to you, and even will attack any radroaches or aggressive creatures or people around, including the enclave officer. In this case, even if you shoot it many times, it won't not be hostile toward you. It may keep going in and out of its cage showing the same animation used when opening the cage door, it may become hostile eventually. Also, if you kill the Deathclaw, then come back by fast travel, the deathclaw will respawn. Also, a Vertibird may land nearby. It's possible that a Deathclaw will spawn inside Dukov's place after you enter (confirmed, 360, PC, and PS3), and it's definitely hostile, concentrating its attack on the player while the NPCs cower.


主页面: Dukov

Dukov is a Russian man who lives with the scantily-clad Cherry and Fantasia in this river-side estate. The women provide sexual favors in exchange for safety, drugs, and alcohol. Dukov readily offers your character drinks (no HP effect). This dialogue may refer to an unlocked cabinet full of liquor on the upper story of the house, which can be taken freely. Both women warn that Dukov will attack you if you have a drawn weapon in front of him, and that he is a very good gunman, though fighting him reveals these warnings to be exaggerated.

Notable loot and activities编辑

For players looking to decrease their karma, Dukov's Place stocks a large amount of stealable glasses, whiskey and beer bottles, and drugs. You could easily drop your karma from "very good" to "bad" in this place alone.

You can enslave the women for negative karma as well.


  • After downloading Broken Steel the Enclave may show up at the location of the outpost behind Dukov's Place before completing Waters of Life. Fortunately, only a lone Enclave Soldier is to be found, and will likely engage the nearby Radroaches if they get too close to one another. (Confirmed on 360 and PS3)
  • Sometimes when entering Dukov's Place, a Mirelurk or Deathclaw will find its way inside, causing the girls and sometimes Dukov to flee/die. It is recommend to save before entering. (Confirmed on 360 and PS3)
  • If Dukov dies, Cherry and Fantasia don't always acknowledge his death, they still talk as if he is there, odd seeing as how they say that he protects them. But if they do then Cherry will always 'be fleeing' and you can't take her to Rivet City.
  • Sometimes if you ask one of the girls to get Dukov's Special Key for you, they may never give you the key and talk to you with no dialogue options relating to the key. Also no key seems to be in anyone's inventory, causing the collection of the T-51b Power Armor to become impossible. So save before talking to any of them. (Confirmed PS3)


  • Dukov's Place is probably a pun on Duke's Place, a 60's jazz song by Duke Ellington, being much in a mood with the jazz theme of the game. This is further supported by Dukov's overall party-loving nature, very much in tune with song lyrics (although in a bit twisted way).
  • Dukov's Place is likely supposed to be the same location as the former Soviet/Russian Embassy. They are at almost identical places in capital geography.

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