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Dunwich Building
Dunwich Building loc
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The Dunwich Building is a location in Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland, located at the southwestern-most point on the map.


In happier times, the building was owned by Dunwich Borers, LLC. A locked computer terminal midway through the building contains audio transcripts of a company executive. The transcripts function to both praise the release of a new drill, as well as capture the sounds of bombs dropping.


Dunwich Entrance编辑

The entrance has a hallway and a staircase to the deeper parts. It will occasionally be populated by feral ghouls (ranging from basic feral ghouls to roamers, glowing ones, and reavers if Broken Steel is installed).

Forsaken Ruins 编辑

Virulent Underchambers编辑

The building is a dark, mazy set of interior ruins populated by various types of feral ghouls. A number of audiologs and computer terminals provide visitors with background on the building and an unfortunate wastelander named Jaime. In addition to the building itself, two levels lie underneath. The deepest level is a cavern with an eerie obelisk - a woman emerging/reaching out from the obelisk; vines entangle the obelisk and skulls run up its back. Several Feral Ghouls appear to worship it and if closely looked at, you can see it may represent the Washington Monument, and is actually the top portion of the black statue in the center of the Underworld Concourse.

The building is broken up into three parts: the Dunwich Building Entrance, the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins, and the Virulent Underchambers. The deeper you go into the Dunwich Building the darker it becomes, and eventually requires the use of the Pip-boy light. Persistent explorers will be rewarded with the Bobblehead - Melee Weapons near the end of the levels. There is a convenient one-way exit from the Virulent Underchambers to an area quite near the entrance, and the Bobblehead can be found on the ground just before the exit.

Near the entrance, you find a set of five audiologs left by an unfortunate visitor named Jaime. As you proceed further inside the building, you find four additional audiologs documenting his transformation into one of the building's deranged inhabitants. The final audiolog found within the building, though mostly rambling by an insane, ghoulified Jaime, mentions the name "Alhazred" several times, a reference to the last name of the author of the fictitious book "The Necronomicon", Abduhl Alhazred, in the books of H. P. Lovecraft.

In the Virulent Underchambers, the player can actually discover the creator of the increasingly demented audiologs (who has now fully mutated into a ghoul) and a handful of Feral Ghouls worshiping the obelisk. As Jaime stands facing the obelisk with arms upraised, it appears that he is somehow summoning ghouls out of the mist shrouded recess in the rock wall opposite. Interestingly enough, killing Jaime, who is armed with a Chinese Assault Rifle, counts as a positive Karma act (if the player previously chose the Lawbringer perk, Jaime will also drop a finger). The obelisk in the center is irradiated about half way up, and emits levels of radiation that max out at 20 rads/s. As a side note, once the player crosses the threshold of the doorway into the cave with the obelisk, an "eerie voice" can be heard if the volume is up high enough (along with the "effects" sound setting).

There is also a log on a terminal made by an unnamed scavenger who wandered into the ruins, hoping it to be abandoned. Upon finding the ghouls he holes up in the room with the terminal and as paranoia sets in he remembers his friend "Billy" coming with ammo and grenades. Using this cheerful optimism he logs off the computer and for how long he survived is unknown, but the skeletal remains in front of the computer and the second set of remains just inside the entrance to the Dunwich building accompanied by a box of ammunition and a box of grenades seems to fill in the missing details with finality.

Notable loot编辑

  • Bobblehead - Melee Weapons located in the Virulent Underchambers, on the ground right at the end of the zone (at the shortcut door leading back to the Dunwich Building).
  • Dean's Electronics located in a side room with cleaning/maintenance supplies in Forsaken Dunwich Ruins. first stairway on your left after the two turns the room is to your right. It has big pipes in the wall. The book is located next to the toolbox to your right on the shelf.
  • Nuka Cola Quantum located at the bottom of the stairs to the right of the main entrance.
  • Jaime's Personal Journal entries #1-5 on the table to the left when entering the building. Entries #6 (in the side room on the left from the entrance, near the radio where some ghouls are) and #7 (on a table just before the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins), are also located in this first section of the building (before you reach Forsaken Dunwich Ruins). #8 is in the Ruins section on the same desk as the exec terminal on the first level, and #9 is in the Virulent Underchambers.

Related quests编辑

Notes 编辑

  • Jaime's Story can be found here: Jaime.
  • Available supernatural phenomenon include:
In the Dunwich Building Entrance you will find a "self-opening" door (upper area in the south corridor), but you need to come from the east.
The instantaneous flashback happens in the beginning of the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins, after a stair and a left path ( the only way to continue this part of the building).
In the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins there is also two objects (a fan and a globe) that "jump" from the desk to the ground after you enter in the room with a computer and a skeleton (the computer show his notes and something about a friend that will bring ammunition - the first skeleton after the entrance).
  • If the player chose to allow the ghouls access to Tenpenny Tower and received the ghoul mask, none of the ghouls will attack; however, when you encounter Jaime at the bottom of the building, he will attack you regardless of disguise, announcing "There you are!" Jamie is not feral, as is evident in his abilities to speak and use guns.
  • You may use the tcl command in the console to access the "flashback area" in the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins. With clipping off, the player must travel far to the west of the ruins from the door to Dunwich Building. The player will find an intact, brightly illuminated version of the part of the ruins that the flashback is triggered in with 10 powered computer terminals and 5 standing filing cabinets, neither of which can be interacted with, two functional doors with nothing behind them, and an invisible wall to prevent the player from reaching the man who appears and disappears over the course of the flashback. Unlike people in the Vault 106 hallucinations, the man in the flashback is not an actual NPC and cannot be interacted with in any way.
  • The strange voice near the Obelisk is actually repeating the name "Alhazred", which is also the name Jaime repeated several times in his last audio tape. Sometimes the voice may instead repeat the name "G'yeth", also repeated by Jaime in his last Audio tape.
  • Ronald Laren from Girdershade can be asked about anything interesting in the area, causing him to tell you to "Stay away from the Dunwich building, that place is bad mojo."


Dunwich Building appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes编辑

The story told in the personal logs found in the Dunwich Building, the name of the building, the whispering obelisk found in the Virulent Underchambers, and many other facets of this location refer to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. See especially The Dunwich Horror.


  • On your way in the Forsaken part of the building you find a room that has two corpses that have been mutilated, and also holotape #7 in it. But after entering the Forsaken area then re-visiting the room the bodies are mysteriously gone. The bodies are actually still there, but are invisible and will appear if the player simply touches them - this bug also happens in other places, usualy with objects that you cannot take.
  • There is a bug that appears to prevent any humanoid companions from entering the building with you. When you zone in, they are not there. When you zone out, they have run around the west side of the building, perhaps seeking to enter through the secondary exit mentioned above. This bug first identified on the PC version after the patch released on 1/14/09. Dogmeat is also affected. (this could not be duplicated post patch with either Dogmeat or Star Paladin Cross.)
  • When leaving Dunwich Building, followers will exit the building at the bottom of a slight cliff drop south of the building then having to fight anything from a Mole Rat to an Albino Radscorpion depending on your level. This often results in their death with the slight exception of Fawkes and Dogmeat's Puppy.
  • In the mutiliation room just prior to the door to the Virulent Underchambers, a head will appear chattering on a desktop.(Confirmed Xbox 360 and PC) Due to the nature of this event, it may not be a bug, but part of the building's events. This happens when you access a trap computer terminal on the floor directly above the "chattering head".
  • It is possible that the obelisk will not emit any radiation at all (PC and Xbox 360 versions, PS3 confirmed.)