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Dupont Circle Station

Dupont Circle Station is part of the Metro system under the Capital Wasteland. It is mainly collapsed and you have to go through a Raider-infested cave to get to Metro Central.

The name of this station appeared on an advertisement for the Metro.

Notable Loot编辑

Lying, Congressional Style is in the room with the Protectron, on a desk in a bin, next to the door


Near the Dupont Station exit is an office with a Protectron bay with a Metro Protectron. If you remain hidden from both the Metro Protectron and the two super mutants in the hall, you can hear a humorous exchange as the Protectron accosts the super mutants for tickets. If you take the direct-most route on the Galaxy News Radio quest, you will come into the office before the hall, and will be in an optimal position to hear the exchange from hiding behind the file cabinets.


Just past an area with several raiders and turrets, there is a utility gate. If the player has Dogmeat as a companion, he will get stuck trying to pass through the gate and run, turning in different directions. This can be overcome by pushing him through and closing the gate behind yourself.