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The East Coast, also known as the "Eastern Seaboard" or "Atlantic Seaboard," refers to the easternmost coastal states of the pre-War United States, which touch the Atlantic Ocean and stretch up to what used to be Canada. While in a strict geographical sense it includes the entire eastern seaboard, in popular usage the term "East Coast" is most often used to specifically refer to the northern half of this region, which is also known as the Northeastern U.S.

Atlantic coastal regions编辑

Broken Banks编辑

Broken Banks was a region on the route traveled by the ferry Duchess Gambit, which also stopped at the Commonwealth and the Capital Wasteland. Nothing is known about it save that it is south of the Capital Wasteland and may refer to a location in the Carolinas.

Capital Wasteland编辑

The Capital Wasteland is a large expanse of open areas with caves, Raider camps, etc. in the area of the former Washington, DC around the more urban areas of Downtown DC. As of 2277, the area is overrun by Super Mutants who are in a constant battle to push humans out.

The central hub of civilization in the ruins of the former capital is Rivet City, based in and around the remains of a beached aircraft carrier. Other settlements include the towns of Megaton, Canterbury Commons, Andale, Tenpenny Towers and Paradise Falls, as well as the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel built in place of the pre-War Pentagon. Movement between the certain areas is possible through the Washington Metro tunnels.

Adams Air Force Base编辑

Adams Air Force Base was once a major military installation of the United States in pre-War times. Located just outside the Capital Wasteland, the base is accessible through the Presidential Metro, and in 2277 served as a secondary headquarters for the Enclave, besides their original facility at Raven Rock. Enclave operations were centered in the Mobile Base Crawler, which had the capability to call down orbital strikes on several locations in the Capital Wasteland.


The Commonwealth is what is left of the pre-War state of Massachusetts. While it too was ravaged by the Great War and is as lawless and inhospitable as much of the former United States, its main attraction is the mysterious Institute. The Institute itself has developed highly advanced technology and even artificial intelligence, which it has used to create a population of subservient androids. An opposing organization in the Commonwealth, the Railroad, works to eventually free the enslaved androids from their creators.

Point Lookout编辑

The region of Point Lookout, Maryland, just south of the Capital Wasteland, was home to a small seaside resort town established after the 1950's. Point Lookout was one of the few places in the United States not directly hit hit by nuclear bombs during the Great War, but since then the site has become a massive coastal swamp.

Inland regions编辑

Erie Stretch编辑

The Erie Stretch is a vague region located somewhere along the Lake Erie coast, possibly the area of Erie, Pennsylvania, or it could be referring to the remains of pre-war Cleveland. Even less is known about the Erie Stretch than Ronto, except that it was known to the inhabitants of The Pitt in 2277.

Great Lanta编辑

Great Lanta is presumably post-War Atlanta, Georgia, far to the south of any other eastern settlement mentioned in Fallout 3. The region is the birthplace of Saint Monica, who is venerated by the Church of Saint Monica aboard Rivet City in the Capital Wasteland.

The Abbey of the Road编辑

The Abbey of the Road is a Christian monestary, far west from the Commonwealth. The church's main concern is the well-being of the other Christian churches along the East Coast. Due to the general location and name, it is assumed that it is based in Detroit, Michigan.

The Pitt编辑

The Pitt is a Raider settlement built from the decaying infrastructure of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The settlement is divided into two main areas: Downtown, where slaves work and live, and Uptown, where the raiders live. Downtown includes quarters for the slave population, The Mill, and the abandoned Steelyard which is inhabited by Wildmen and Trogs. Uptown features the Abandoned Apartments and Haven building, the personal palace for The Pitt's leader, Ishmael Ashur. A network of ramps and bridges connects the upper floors of The Pitt's dilapidated buildings in both parts of the settlement, serving as platforms for raiders to oversee the working slaves.


Little is known about Ronto, except that it likely consists of the remnants of the Canadian city of Toronto, and by 2277 had established itself as a notable power in the area with a reputation that reached as far as The Pitt.