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Everglow National Campground

Located northeast of Little Lamplight, Everglow National Campground has a few trailers and picnic benches along with raiders and super mutants. You will most likely encounter this place on your way to find Little Lamplight.

Entering the trailer with the book and Sugar Bombs triggers the small battle between raiders and mutants outside.

Also, Deathclaws have been sighted in the area.

Fast-traveling here leads to you being caught in the middle of a battle between Super Mutants and Raiders.

Notable loot编辑

  • Guns and Bullets book in a trailer. Entering the trailer triggers enemies to spawn on either side of the trailer.
  • There are 11 boxes of Sugar Bombs inside the same trailer. Also you can find Darts inside and two ammo boxes.
  • There are also 3 bundles of Railway Spikes on your left as you enter (infront of the ammo boxes)
  • A makeshift bed is also here, which can be useful because of the Super mutants and Raiders
  • Every 3 days you can fast travel to the campground and the battle between the Super mutants and Raiders will respawn. This is a good way to get EXP if still at a low level.


When you approach the site, some white soil (a phosphorus derivative?) glows almost unusually under the Wasteland sun. It is possible that the name, "Everglow" is derived from the campground's soil. If so it is more than likely that this area was used by the american government as a waste burial ground, considering other disposal sites were clearly filled to capacity. Judging on some trucks of nuclear waste, how much is in so many piles and the extent of it's barreling it's presumable to guess that cleanup and restoration efforts may have unsuccessfully been underway after the first few weeks of chaos passed, and the multitudes of survivng enviromentalists and soldiers began cleanup and recovery efforts before succumbing to radiation posioning.