Evergreen Mills

Evergreen Mills is an old factory in the southwest quadrant of the Capital Wasteland, just east of Casey's Garage. It is inhabited by large numbers of raiders and consists of 5 interior sections: Evergreen Mills Bazaar, Evergreen Mills Foundry, Guard House, Northern Shack and Southern Shack.



Evergreen Mills features a large outdoor area which is nestled into a small valley. Other than dropping from the valley's ledges, it can only be reached by following a set of rails which enters the valley from the east. The exterior part of the location consists of a slave pen with 3 slaves, an electrified cage containing a Super Mutant Behemoth as well as a series of metal shacks and train cars surrounding the factory building itself. In total, ten raiders patrol the area and guard the rails leading into the camp. The area contains a number of traps, including Frag Mines near the northern entrance and tripwires (releasing Grenade Bouquets) in the shacks' periphery.

The Super Mutant Behemoth can be released from its cage by either destroying the generator which powers the electrified fence or picking the lock. It will use its new-found freedom to attack everyone is in the vicinty, be it the player or the raiders. If Dogmeat spots the Behemoth, he will open the door and charge in at it.

The slaves can be freed from their pen by picking the lock or by opening it with the Evergreen Mills Slave Pen Key, one of which is carried by one of the raiders in the vicinity of the gate. Another one can be found in the Guard House. When freed, the slaves will start wandering the area but never leave, claiming "what's the point?" and "we'd only die out there in the wastes."

Guard House编辑

The Guard House is a small shack in the northeastern part of the location, reached by the walkway which crosses over the Slave Pen. Devoid of any inhabitants, one of the Evergreen Mills Slave Pen Keys can be found here.

Northern Shack编辑

The Northern Shack is another shack found just north of the factory building. It is home to 2 raiders, one of which wears Sexy Sleepwear, and contains some minor loot. There is also a Workbench in the back room, with a Bottlecap Mine under it.

Southern Shack编辑

The Southern Shack is a small shack in the southern part of the valley and home to a single raider. A Missile Launcher and  A U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes book is found here as well.

Evergreen Mills Foundry编辑

The Foundry is the interior of the large factory building, guarded by 6 raiders in total. Upon entering, a door to the east leads to Evergreen Mills Bazaar. On the ground level, there are two cabins occupied by enemies, one of which holds a safe and a Gun Cabinet, and a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. A flight of stairs behind the entrance provides access to a few walkways and rooms. Two rooms on the highest level contain safes. One of these rooms also contains various other loot and is protected by a locked door which can be opened with the Storage Room Key found in another room on the topmost level.

Evergreen Mills Bazaar编辑

Evergreen Mills Bazaar is a cave complex with a bar, shop and a brothel accessed through a hole in the factory's floor. Apart from the non-hostile Smiling Jack, 10 unnamed raiders populate the area. There is a safe (easy) as well as 2 Mine Boxes and an Ammunition Box behind the bar on the lower level next to the door to Foundry. From the ground floor, a series of ramps leads up to the brothel where you will be greeted by Madame (who is unnamed in the game). A few raider women can be found locked in cells who upon release show their gratitude by attacking the player.

A small cave reached from the medium level contains the shop of Smiling Jack, the only non-hostile raider in the area. A small safe is built into the back of the counter.

Notable loot编辑

Evergreen Mills Bazaar编辑

Evergreen Mills Foundry编辑

  • Fat Man - At the top of the stairs, inside a locked room.  The key to this room is in a desk in the room across the hall (same room as the radio).
  • Duck and Cover! - Next to a dead body on a ledge, above the broken terminal on the ground floor. To reach this location, the player must jump off the stairs to the ledge.

Southern Shack编辑


  • The surrounding cliffs offer the player many locations from which to jump to building rooftops; these areas can offer a better means of taking out any hostiles (especially the Super Mutant Behemoth, which can be defeated while still in its pen).
  • If you free the slaves after killing all of the enemies (including the Behemoth,) they will wander around the camp and begin to sit down, lean against objects, or even sleep. They seem to be on a type of script and will keep doing the same things over and over regardless of what is occuring around them, and they will never leave their spots unless you engage them in combat. When spoken to, the slaves will respond as if they are still in their slave pen.
  • Three Dog will continue to refer to this area as a hotbed of Raider activity after all Raiders are exterminated, even after the Behemoth is dead and the slaves are freed. This may be due to the lack of a trigger (there is no official quest) or because the location will respawn Raiders.
  • Be sure to clear out the mines at the northern entrance to Evergreen Mills if you want to keep the slaves alive.
  • The slaves provide a limitless supply of cash to the evil character. Hit them with the Mesmetron, travel to Paradise Falls, cash in, and repeat. They respawn endlessly and are good for 250 caps each time.
  • Sniping or otherwise destroying the electrical generator next to the Super Mutant Behemoth cage door will bring down the electricity and release the mutant into the area. This can be done from the surrounding hillside so you can sit back and have the behemoth kill the raiders for you.
  • It is possible that Shrapnel may wander into the area in search of Flak. If he does, he will attack the Behemoth and all of the Raiders outside wiping them out as he is invincible.
  • Outside of Evergreen Mills entrance is a stopping point for the Caravan Merchants and could be killed if they wander in.


Evergreen Mills appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes编辑

The location name may have been taken from a road of the same name which runs through Loudoun County, Virginia, beginning at the west end of Washington Dulles International Airport and ending just south of Leesburg.


  • The Behemoth may jump several meters up in the air and die when it lands, or lose a substantial chunk of its health. This happens most often when a VATS-thrown grenade explodes beneath its feet.
  • In all three platforms, the Behemoth (once released) can become trapped behind a gate and die.
  • Followers, even Dogmeat, can open the Behemoth's cage, regardless of the generator's status. It's best to tell followers stay back when approaching the gate.
  • If you let the Behemoth out, let him slaughter everyone and leave and come back days later, he will sometimes stay hostile (with a red health bar) but not attack you, even if you walk right up to him.
  • Sometimes the Behemoth may randomly appear out of its cage, with the cage doors still closed and fence electrified.
  • Brotherhood Outcast patrols from Fort Independence might open the Behemoth's gate, even if the fence is still electrified.
  • Any followers you have with you may also open the gate and initiate combat with the Behemoth. If you are a low level player and feel you cannot take on a Behemoth then it is advised to tell your follower to stay outside of Evergreen Mills.
  • When entering from the northeast, four rigged Aqua Pura crates will appear even if the PC has not started the Purifier. (confirmed PC, PS3, XBOX 360)
  • After releasing the Behemoth and running away he disappears. (PS3)
  • The Behemoth's right arm can be blown off with one shot from a BB gun. (XBOX 360)