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Faded Pomp Estates

Faded Pomp Estates is located North of Roosevelt Academy, south of WKML Broadcast Station and The Silver Lining Drive-In. As with the rest of the Capital Wasteland, these estates that once housed suburban families were destroyed in the Great War. Now all that remains are several bombed out houses with nothing more than beds to sleep on. There is an interesting letter from Vault-Tec inside a mailbox. Enemies like Giant Radscorpions and Deathclaws can be found here.

Notable loot编辑

Starting on the west side of town going east, south-east.

  • First house on the left: Easy safe (random Stealth Boy) northwest corner of the house, There is a footlocker with armor in it, a Dresser with Dirty Pre-War clothing, several filing cabinets, metal boxes with random minor loot.
  • Pugilism Illustrated In front of a fire place in the second house on the left coming in from the west. This same house contains an unlocked footlocker with random loot. (Alternatively, fast travel to Faded Pomp Estates, turn east, and the fireplace with an old camp fire inside a will be right in front of you.)
  • Random armor in footlocker at house on side of hill in northeast part of town.
  • Some Pilot Lights and Lawn Mower Blades.

Notes 编辑