Fo1 Military Base Destroyed.png

条件: 摧毁军事基地军事基地.




条件: 摧毁大教堂.



Fo1 Vault 13 Overrun.png

条件:加入联盟 (告诉中尉或者主教13号避难所的位置), 500 days pass while the latter is alive (or 13 years regardless).

终于完成了。13号避难所归入了联盟以及主教。归功于对避难所防御系统的了解,你拯救了许多变种人,在最后你亲自给了监督最后一击。你将顺利的成为联盟最优秀的战士, 你的技能将会在未来的时间里提供莫大的帮助。你很开心,但隐隐的觉得有什么事情将会发生....





The death of the Master was the first major step towards ending his mad dream of conquest and enforced peace, but it is the destruction of the Vats that neutralizes the mutant threat. Without the ability to create more mutants and enforce their harsh brand of justice, the mutant armies flee to the east, beyond the no-man's land.Template:Inline quote

Ending 2编辑

Prerequisites: Destroy the Military Base before taking the Cathedral.

You managed to destroy the Vats, then you killed the Master before he could realize his twisted plans. With the Master gone, his armies flee to the east in fear of retribution from the remaining normals.Template:Inline quote


Water pump maintained编辑

Fo1 Necropolis Good Ending.png

Prerequisites: Take the chip, fix the pump.

The ghouls of Necropolis learn how to maintain the repaired water pump, and eventually rediscover many lost secrets of engineering. They form a business selling this technology to other towns.Template:Inline quote
  • This ending is partially canon, as mentioned by some ghouls like Lenny in Gecko.


Fo1 Necropolis Bad Ending.png

Prerequisites: Take the water chip, but don't fix the pump.

The ghouls of Necropolis learn firsthand the final meaning of dehydration, as their city succumbs to the desert sands and the water runs out. Without their water purifying control chip, they do not survive.Template:Inline quote

Mutant attack编辑

Prerequisites: Enter Necropolis after 110 days have passed (30 after killing all the super mutants at the watershed).

The mutant attack on Necropolis spares none of the ghoulish inhabitants. After the mutant armies advance, they leave a truly dead city behind them.Template:Inline quote

Followers of the Apocalypse编辑

Gain control of Boneyard编辑

Fo1 Followers Good Ending.png

Prerequisites: Complete the Find Children spy in the Followers quest, but Heather's absence makes this impossible...and train the Followers in use of firearms.

The Followers of the Apocalypse rise to become a major influence in New California. With your help, they gain control of the LA Boneyard.Template:Inline quote

Killed by mutants编辑

Fo1 Followers Bad Ending.png

Prerequisites: Don't find the Children spy in the Followers, or the Master is alive within 90 days.

The mutant armies, led into battle by the fierce Super Mutants, destroy the Followers of the Apocalypse. Barely human carrion feeders pick over the Followers' remains.Template:Inline quote

Shady Sands编辑

New California Republic编辑

Fo1 Shady Good Ending.jpg

Prerequisites: Aradesh and Tandi are alive.

In Shady Sands, Tandi helps her father Aradesh bring a new community and new life out of the broken remains of the world. They are responsible for the New California Republic, whose ideals spread across the land.Template:Inline quote

Aradesh grieves Tandi编辑

Prerequisites: Tandi is dead or not rescued, Aradesh is alive.

Aradesh grieves for his slain daughter, Tandi, but eventually builds Shady Sands into a respected community which is prosperous for many years, before his untimely death at the hands of a Desert Raider.Template:Inline quote

Tandi takes over编辑

Prerequisites: Aradesh is dead, but not Tandi.

Tandi takes control of Shady Sands after the death of her father, Aradesh. Her brilliant if headstrong style of leadership makes Shady Sands a powerful force in the years to come.Template:Inline quote

Destroyed by raiders编辑

Fo1 Shady Bad Ending.jpg

Prerequisites: Both Aradesh and Tandi are dead (or the latter not saved from the Khans).

With Aradesh dead, and Tandi missing or killed, Shady Sands needs a new leader. After several elections, they find they cannot be governed by a single person and create a guiding council. Shortly afterwards, the Raiders regroup and attack Shady Sands, burning the small community to the ground.Template:Inline quote

Razed by mutants编辑

Prerequisites: The Master is still alive after 230 days have passed. Takes precedence over the other endings.

The mutant army marches as far north as Shady Sands, razing the small town to the ground.Template:Inline quote


In the original write-up of Junktown, the "ending sequence" was reversed from its final incarnation. See the alternate endings for the original versions, which were changed because the marketing department decided at the last minute that the game had to "reward good and punish bad".[1]

Killian takes control编辑


Killian Darkwater

Prerequisites: Gizmo is dead, Killian is alive.

Killian Darkwater takes firm control of Junktown, drives out the last of Gizmo's kind, and then enforces his own brand of frontier justice. Life is fair and safe under his law.Template:Inline quote

Alternate version编辑

With Gizmo out of the way, Killian enforces his brand of frontier justice on Junktown. The city remains orderly but small, as travelers steer away from his rigid sensibilities.

[With the background picture being a gallows behind Killian with shadows of dead men hanging from it.]

Gizmo takes control编辑



Prerequisites: Gizmo is alive.

Junktown becomes the new boomtown under the careful, and profitable, guidance of Don Gizmo. He profits the most, and continues to increase the size of his casino, and the scope of his power, until he chokes to death while eating some iguana-on-a-stick.Template:Inline quote

Alternate version编辑

Under Gizmo's leadership, Junktown becomes a trading center and resort, where people come from miles around to gamble, spend money and enjoy themselves in relative safety. Gizmo keeps the town prosperous but healthy, as he has no desire to injure his own affluence. The inhabitants of the town become wealthy and famous.

[With the background picture showing Junktown as a Reno-like casino with electricity and clean streets free of any drug dealers or riff-raff who might endanger Gizmo's operations.]

Destroyed by mutants Template:Cut编辑


Mutants run Junktown now...

Prerequisites: The Master is still alive within 210 days.

The mutants are slowed, but not stopped, by the brave defenders of Junktown. When the army finishes their brutal siege, nothing of Junktown remains.Template:Inline quote

Brotherhood of Steel编辑

Drive mutants away编辑


Prerequisites: Rhombus is alive.

The Brotherhood of Steel helps the other human outposts drive the mutant armies away with minimal loss of life, on both sides of the conflict. The advanced technology of the Brotherhood is slowly reintroduced into New California, with little disruption or chaos. The Brotherhood wisely remains out of the power structure, and becomes a major research and development house.Template:Inline quote



Prerequisites: Rhombus is dead.

The Brotherhood of Steel, under new leadership after the death of Rhombus, becomes an overzealous, techno-religious dictatorship. In 20 years, the Steel Plague devastates the newly formed New California Republic, and starts a Dark Age that could last a thousand years.Template:Inline quote

Traitor Template:Cut编辑


Prerequisites: Kedrick is alive, or the Master is alive for 170 days.

The Brotherhood of Steel repels the first wave of a mutant invasion, but a traitor in their midst causes the Citadel to fall. Fortunately, the advanced technology is mastered slowly by the mutants, and they were unable to use it against you.Template:Inline quote


Prosperous trade center编辑

Fo1 Hub Good Ending.jpg

Prerequisites: Complete the quest to find the missing caravans, but don't fulfill any of Decker's quests...Report Iguana Bob to the Hub police and be kind to Harold.

With your assistance, Old Harold brings the ghoul population of the Hub into equality with the humans. The two sides work together, and the Hub prospers. Old Harold is still alive, as far as anyone knows.Template:Inline quote


Fo1 Hub Bad Ending.png

Prerequisites: Do not complete the quest to find the missing caravans, complete at least one quest from Decker, or the Master is alive within 140 days.

The Hub disperses before the might of the mutant army and will never recover.Template:Inline quote


Fo1 Raiders Ending.jpg

Destroyed as a fighting force编辑

Prerequisites: Kill Garl and at least eight more raiders, or kill at least thirteen raiders.

Thanks to your persistence, the Raiders are destroyed as an effective fighting force, and disband. None of the Raider survivors are ever heard from again.Template:Inline quote
  • Fallout 2 and New Vegas establish this ending as canon (although a single Khan survivor, Darion, is found from Vault 15 in Fallout 2, where he is quite influental).

Regroup and terrorize编辑

Prerequisites: Enter the raider camp but don't kill enough raiders for the previous ending.

The Desert Raiders eventually regroup and manage to terrorize small communities in the years following your adventures.Template:Inline quote

Scourge that lasts for years编辑

Prerequisites: Don't kill any of the raiders.

The Desert Raiders pillage most of the northern parts of New California. They are a scourge that lasts for years, until a rebel army of mutants brings them down.Template:Inline quote

Vault Dweller编辑

Into the desert.jpg

The Vault Dweller leaves Vault 13

Your involvement with the various places and people of the Wasteland is well documented by future historians. Only a single question remained unanswered: What happened to you?Template:Inline quote

Ending 1编辑

Prerequisites: Take the Bloody Mess trait when creating your character (or picking up the Mutate! perk), procure bad Karma by the end of the game, or very quickly initiate combat upon exiting the conversation with Jacoren.

You march into the desert sands, leaving the shattered corpse of the Overseer behind you, never to return to the Vault.Template:Inline quote

Ending 2编辑

Prerequisites: Don't kill Jacoren.

You march into the desert sands, leaving the Vault behind you.Template:Inline quote


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