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Falls Church

Falls Church is a location in the Washington D.C. area, to the east of Grayditch.


Falls Church is technically next to Grayditch, Arlington and Mason District, but it can only be reached through the old Metro.

Basie Avenue编辑

This avenue is oriented east to west, and intersects Mizin Street and Fairford Drive. Major landmarks on this avenue are the Falls Church Metro, L.O.B. Enterprises, and a Super Mutant camp. The avenue, also, features two mail dropboxes and a fire hydrant.

The Super Mutant camp is located in a heavily destroyed school. Most of the first floor, and portions of the second floor, are patrolled by four or five of the Mutants. They are able to walk the second floor by means of plank bridges which close the gaps between support pillars. These abominations have nearly unlimited views of the surrounding terrain, and can easily spot any intruders from a distance. There is also a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. Lying outside, and to the west of the school, there is a children's playground.

Fairford Drive编辑

This drive is oriented north to south, and intersects Basie Avenue. Major landmarks on the drive are L.O.B. Enterprises, at 18527 Fairford Drive, and the Super Mutant camp. Most of the drive past this building has been destroyed. A bus stop for the City Liner service and a fire hydrant are located adjacent to the camp.

Mizin Street编辑

This street is oriented north to south, and intersects Basie Avenue. This street ends abruptly at a children's playground. Two major landmarks on this street are the Falls Church Metro, one of the few Metro stations to be built built above the ground. and the Super Mutant camp. Adjacent to the camp, there is a mail dropbox.

Washington Boulevard编辑

This boulevard starts north of a courtyard, and curves to the west under a pedestrian bridge. Major landmarks on this boulevard are the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro and an office building. The courtyard has a First Aid box.

Points of Interest编辑

Unmarked quest: The Lost Initiate编辑

If this is your first time to Falls Church you'll find an ongoing battle between a Brotherhood of Steel training squad and a group of super mutants. Knight Church has been killed and Initiate Pek is trying to hold out for reinforcements in a nearby Office Building, Paladin Hoss will inform you.

Warning: If you routinely pop out of metro or tunnel exits to collect map markers for later use you will probably trigger the start of this quest.

Notable loot编辑

  • There's a Tumblers Today in the office building with Pek. Its located in the first room to the north of the entrance on a desk.
  • Duck and Cover! underground in Falls Church/Mason Metro, in a ticket booth hidden behind a barricade. This booth is immediately to the right of the lit kiosk at the top of the left stairway.
  • There is a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine in the men's bathroom in the Falls Church/Mason Metro near the exit to Mason Disctrict on top of a first aid box.
  • A Pre-War Book can be found in the diner in the barricaded area. There is also a Stealth Boy on top of the stove behind the counter.


  • The game may freeze when you go through the door from Falls Church Metro to the Marigold Station.
  • Paladin Hoss is subject to numerous bugs. See the NPC page for further details.


This may be a reference to the city Falls Church in Virginia.