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Federalist Lounge
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The Federalist Lounge
Tenpenny Tower loc
inside: 特佩尼大厦
商人: 沙克斯
ref id: 00017f34
Federalist Lounge loc
A very special welcome to you, sir!


联邦酒廊 是沙克斯( a bartending Protectron)经营的酒吧,位於特佩尼大廈一樓,只出售酒类和治疗针。

Unlike other shops, the Federalist Lounge is open at any time. This is handy if you come into the tower late at night from an excursion. Should Shakes be killed during the ghoul takeover, no one will run the Federalist Lounge.


The Federalist Lounge is located on the right side of the Tenpenny lobby, opposite New Urban Apparel.

A pool table stands in the center of the room, with chairs and tables spread haphazardly around it. A jukebox is in the right-side corner. Shakes stands ever present in the left side of the room, near the shelves and his liquor cabinent.


  • 如果你成功入侵了沙克斯身旁的电脑,你会获得50 %的贵宾折扣,这样一来联邦酒廊会是一个出售你不想要的物品的好地方。此外,如果你同时拥有10 %和50 %的折扣,你可以以最低25个瓶盖的价格买到治疗针。he only has 120 caps at a time, and he cannot repair items, which makes his use limited. He restocks on caps every 72 hours if you are willing to get the most out of your loot.
  • 如果你禁用了他的戰鬥抑制器(机器人背后那个东西,打坏了之后机器人会攻击任何人),你可以杀死他并拿走橱柜的钥匙,这时没有任何警卫会攻击你。之后,你就可以窃走威士忌,以及橱柜中的其他饮料。
  • Regulars include Herbert Dashwood, Irving Cheng, Tiffany Cheng and of course the town drunkard Michael Hawthorne.
  • Strangely enough, at certain times, all the current customers will get up and swap sits, a weird and unnecessary ritual.
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