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Fallout 3 How to get the Giant Legendary Teddy Bear from SatCom Array NN-03d on the Xbox360.

I was reading the wikia page about the Giant Teddy Bear not being accessible on the Xbox360, So I spent a hour thinking how can I get it, and this is what I came up with, And it worked. Save before you shoot the mines so you can reload and try again if it doesn't work the first time, And have fun lol.

SatCom NN-03d is a satellite array, part of the SatCom Array in the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. It is located between Fort Constantine and the MDPL-21 Power Station. You can see it from Oasis. NN-03d has three arrays and is a raider hangout (though there aren't too many and they aren't too heavily armed).

Items of unusual size act the same as they did in Oblivion - pick them up from where you found them and you can drop them ONCE. you can keep them in your inventory or in storage indefinitely and they will still be marked with their unusual size, though you won't be able to tell them apart from a regular item of the same type in your inventory, so you'll just have to rely on your memory. Drop them on the ground and they will still retain their size. However, if you pick said item up again and drop it again, it will lose its size and become a normal object.


  • 通訊衛星陣列 NN-03d

    SatCom NN-03d是一個衛星列陣,為位於首都廢土西北方衛星陣列的一部分。 它位於康斯坦丁要塞和MDPL-21...



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